Men’s Health: Joyful Dragon Formula with Exercise Guide


The Joyful Dragon formula stimulates blood flow to the penis, thus expanding the corpora cavernosa, stimulating the growth of the bulb of the corpus spongisium (which causes it to lengthen), causing the increased production semen, increasing the frequency and prolongation of erections, and encouraging multiple ejaculations.

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Taoist Ancient Herbal Formulas for Sexual Revitalization

In the White Tigress Manual various herbal formulas were given so the Jade Dragon could easily achieve three goals: increase the size of his Jade Stem, acquire more sexual prowess, and improve the quality and quantity of his ejaculation. The herbal formula given for enlarging the penis and increasing sexual stamina is called Joyful Dragon, and was commonly used in combination with an ointment called Dragon King Oil. When combined with the Nine Jade Dragon Exercises this would ensure he fully achieved all three goals.

The actual process of mixing these formulas should only be performed by a competent herbalist, as they are quite powerful and very effective.

Ingredients – Joyful Dragon Formula

  • Yuan chih (Polygala japonica) 3 grams
  • T’u szu tzu (Cuscuta japonica) 3 grams
  • She ch’uang tzu (Cridium japonica) 4 grams
  • Wu wei tzu Schizandra sinesis) 3 grams
  • Jen shen (Panax ginseng) 3 grams
  • Jou tsung jung (Boschniakia glabra) 3 grams


How to Use Joyful Dragon Formula

The 21-day course of treatment has two phases:
  • Take one capsule with water two times a day for nine consecutive days
  • Thereafter, take one capsule every other day for 12 days (6 capsules over 12 days)
  • Repeat treatment cycle as desired or alternate and take the Dragon Horn (do not take both the Joyful Dragon and the Dragon Horn on the same day)

Note: for best results, use Dragon King Oil with the Nine Jade Dragon Exercises and the Joyful Dragon Herbal Formula.


What’s Inside
  • Detailed steps of the Nine Jade Stem Exercises with supporting pictures.
  • A simple quick routine to enhance your sexual stamina, strengthen your penis, and improve your ejaculate.
  • Detailed instruction on how to use the ancient herbal regiment for male sexual revitalization.

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