Luscious Breasts & Luscious Vagina


Soften into your feminine sacred sexuality with these empowering Self-Love Vagina and Breast practices with the Luscious Breasts & Luscious Vagina ebook. These exercises will increase your sex drive, ignite your orgasmic passion, and deepen your self-love connection.


Feminine Sacred Sexuality Self-Love Practices

Increase your sex drive, ignite your orgasmic passion, and deepen your self-love connection]

Luscious Breasts – Luscious Vagina

Amara Charles and Shyena Venice present these amazing practices derived from Taoist White Tigresses that were used by Chinese courtesans to sustain their youthfulness and strengthen their sex drives.

For women, the key to having a strong sex drive is to keep our breasts and vaginas healthy.

These sacred sexuality exercises are used to stir our juiciness, tone our sexual anatomy, and circulate energy through our breasts and vaginas.

Open your heart and your body to the powerful benefits of these sexual restoration exercises:

Yoni Meditation: Changing Body Beliefs

This guided audio meditation combines harnessing the power of your mind and breath using breast and vagina awareness to connect you with the amazing power of universal energy. This healing meditation can be used to transform any negative body or emotional beliefs into vibrant health.

Self-Love Breast Exercises

Strengthen your soft feminine sensuous power while massaging your breasts to increase your sexiness and self-love.

Breast Care
Chinese courtesans discovered thousands of years ago that the secret to restoring our natural sexual vitality and increasing our sex drive is actually by increasing the blood and energy circulation through our breasts.

I have introduced these wonderfully easy methods to hundreds of women who never knew how important it is to maintain our own breast health.

Unfortunately, far too many women keep their breasts wrapped tightly in constricted clothing that cuts off blood circulation in their breasts and vaginas. Plus, many women wait for sexual advances and thus their breasts and vaginas receive far too little stimulation!

Waiting for others to stimulate our breasts is a huge mistake. The truth is, just like any other muscles in our bodies, having frequent, regular exercise is crucially important for our health and well-being.

To keep our legs or lungs in shape, would we wait for others to walk or breathe for us? Of course not! That’s why taking our own breast and vagina health in our own hands is so important. Exercising our breasts and our vaginas should happen often, and not just during sex.

The good news and what you may not know is that by naturally increasing the circulation through your breasts for just a few minutes a day, you can heighten your sexual pleasure and greatly reduce stagnation.

Loving Our Breasts
We know the breasts are how all humans are first fed and the mother’s milk that flows inside is how we give nourishment to others. But that all-powerful nourishment we provide for others is not the only purpose of our breasts!

Our breasts are not only for feeding and pleasing others! They are not just extra bits meant for others to admire.

Chinese Taoist courtesans called the region of the breasts the heart chakra, or the Sea of Chi. The breasts surround and protect our hearts, and it’s one of the reasons why we feel so much emotion around our breasts.

The Sea of Chi means that there is a sea of tremendous energy held within our breasts. This is why having healthy breasts is so much more important than having them be a certain size. And it’s why awakening and restoring our feminine energy and our feminine power starts with creating a new and loving relationship with our own breasts.

In this 3-part exclusive video narrated by Amara Charles and demonstrated by Shyena Venice, you will learn how to do the Self-Love Breast Exercises for increasing your sex drive and sexual pleasure. This beautiful new edition now includes an introduction explaining Shakti Feminine Sacred Sexuality Restoration, a lovely preparatory breathing meditation which can be used with the Jade Egg as well as a 20-minute series of easy Self-Massage Breast Exercises.

Self-Love Vagina Reviver

Many women are realizing the secret to having a loving relationship that includes having a great sex drive is to start with your self.

While there’s no question sharing sexual pleasure with someone you love is way more fun than self-pleasuring, did you know the secret to having a stronger sex drive starts with self-pleasuring?

I’ve worked with thousands of women to get them started on a path to having more fun, pleasure, and sexiness in their intimate relationships with this self-love vagina practice.

I liken it to having a Porsche sit in the garage for months and months. Even if you’ve got a fantastic car, if you leave it sitting there for too long, it may be hard to get the engine started. That’s why having a simple, lovely, and loving self-pleasure practice is so empowering for women.

Plus, have you ever noticed that when your breasts are really turned on, your vagina begins to tingle too? That’s because your vagina and your breasts are totally connected.

Chinese Taoist courtesans call the region of our vulva, womb, and reproductive organs the Ovarian Palace because it’s the place in our bodies where life begins and gets nourished until it’s strong enough to live on its own. Bringing love, energy, and chi to your vagina and ovaries will ignite your passion and lead to more pleasure during lovemaking.

In this video you will learn a practice of giving consistent loving attention to your self. This short practice is something you can include in your day, and with consistent practice restores sexual feelings both physically and emotionally. The practice of gently self-pleasuring yourself clears away past disappointments, sexual discomfort, and shame about your body.

Imagine treating your inner and outer labia like fragile flower petals that should not be damaged or bruised. With patience and care you can reduce the effects of painful intercourse and restore feelings of intimate pleasure — especially when you combine this practice with the Jade Egg. Your tender and consistent self-care can also help heal physical and emotional trauma.

This solo practice includes no hard breathing and no abrupt movements. Instead, you will be increasing your inner awareness by noticing your emotional feelings and internal sensations. Giving attention to your subtle internal sensations is a feminine way of restoring sexual feelings gradually and naturally.

Celebrating the Full Gender Spectrum

Luscious Breasts & Luscious Vagina is a practice that anyone can use to connect with their feminine energy and celebrates wherever you are across the gender spectrum. This video series fully embraces LGBTQ people. The teachings and practices shared in this practice are beneficial to all gender preferences.

Breast Exercises for Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants

If you have breast implants or had a breast augmentation it can be easy to feel disconnected from your breasts. The exercises in Luscious Breasts & Luscious Vagina will help all women reconnect with their breasts and their vaginas in a soft and loving way and encourage women to heal using these feminine sacred sexuality exercises.

Benefits of Luscious Breasts – Luscious Vagina
  • Strengthens your sex drive
  • Addresses incontinence and vaginal dryness
  • Rejuvenates sexual organs
  • Increases your circulation to prevent blockages
  • Invigorates the natural flow of essential hormones

Amplify your exercises by including a Jade Egg. Excellent to increase feelings of self-love after breast augmentations or medical treatments.

Please Note:
Although these exercises are not sexual in any way, they will increase sensual feelings in your breasts and pelvic floor. We recommend you do not do the breast exercises during or right after pregnancy. We also suggest suspending these practices while you are menstruating or while you are undergoing medical treatments.

What You Get:
  • Intro: White Tigress Courtesan Practices video
  • Yoni Meditation: Changing Body Beliefs audio
  • Self Love Breast Exercises 3-part video
  • Self Love Vagina Reviver video
  • Free Gift: Printable Exercise Guide


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