NEW! Aching to Open, A Collection of Erotic Poetry, Stories and Photography


Aching to Open reminds us to breathe, participate, let the ambrosial juice of life run unfettered down our chins, and wakes us up to beauty. Amara’s words, like pearls strung on a silver thread, show us that there is nothing that cannot serve us on our journey to recognize our innate wholeness and instinctive goodness. Agnes’s photography captures moments of pure beauty and shows us that if we celebrate our naturalness, we are irrepressibly sexy.



As the unique mistress of succulent metaphor, Aching to Open weaves and crafts epiphanous reminders that dreams are meant to be lived and that we live the truth of our individual human existence in order to liberate the collective soul of our shared humanity.

Amara, means ’immortal one’ in one language, ’grace’ in another, and ’God’s sister’ in yet another. Amara Charles personifies all of these qualities and more, and is one of the bravest, most transparent, mystical poets I know. Who else can tantalize us to consider our sensuality in the same breath as tempting us with the contemplation of our divine purpose in the way that she does? Who else can encourage us to take the titillating risk of exposure in passion while at the same time honoring what is deeply and profoundly pure, untainted, pristine, in our most secret selves?

Amara expertly shows women and men how to abandon preconceived ideas, beliefs, and concepts of love, passion, sensuality, and sexuality. She lives the truth that while deliciously living to the luscious fullest, there may come a moment when it all has to fall away in order for true ecstasy to be experienced as a living presence in our lives. Her erotic poetry shows us that it is not enough to possess a raw nugget of gold – it is necessary to let life, love, sensuality, and passion, run over it until the gold illumines the entire universe. Through her poetry, Amara reveals that trials, tribulations, relationships, joys, sorrows, must run over the gold of the raw self to polish it to its full beauty.

The lens through which Agnes sees the world reminds us of our own private moments when we dare to surrender, let loose a bit of wildness, and allow ourselves to be seen. Imagine the tenderness, the acceptance and the love that must flow forth from her spirit to capture the precious, fragile and sometimes even fierce beauty that she sees within the men and women fortunate to appear in the presence of her gaze. Agnes not only has an eye for beauty, her photos amplify the words on these pages and they float through the realms of poetic imagery leaving an indelible reminder of our own natural grace. As one of the many who have been blessed to arrive before the magic of her loving lens, I celebrate her gift of catching the allure of such raw, sensuous loveliness we often let slip by unnoticed. Her elegant photos inspire us to undress, to make love and to share with our lovers the vulnerable exquisiteness of our souls. You can almost feel the instant she softly presses the button of her camera giving permission to expose the elegance and poise illuminated by the pure presence shining through her photography.

A collection of erotic poetry, short stories and photography


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