Jade Egg Dreaming Ceremony eBook by Amara Charles

This gentle feminine practice guides you step by step on how to create a special Shakti altar and how to dream with your Jade Egg to manifest your deepest desires. Our soothing and easy 30-day practice increases internal sensations, brings greater lubrication, and strengthens the pelvic floor – all by learning to deeply relax with your Jade Egg.

Men’s Health: Dragon Horn Herbs Formula

The formula prevents the erection from shrinking during sex and greatly increases semen production, and it also cures nocturnal emissions, excess urination, and aches.

Men’s Health: Dragon King Oil

The herbs in The Dragon King Oil cause the skin of the penis to attract increased blood flow in the dorsal veins, arteries, and capillaries, thus causing the two corpora cavernosa chambers and the glans penis to swell. The ointment is normally used once when performing the Nine Jade Dragon Exercises, and then twice without exercises.

Men’s Health: Joyful Dragon Formula

The Joyful Dragon formula stimulates blood flow to the penis, thus expanding the corpora cavernosa, stimulating the growth of the bulb of the corpus spongisium (which causes it to lengthen), causing the increased production semen, increasing the frequency and prolongation of erections, and encouraging multiple ejaculations.

Women’s Health – Deluxe Hormone Bundle

This Deluxe Feminine Hormone Bundle combines powerful essential oils and supplements to help the hormones and the body operate at its best. The combination of these essential oils and supplements have been proven to support female hormones especially as you transition through menopause.

Women’s Health – Essential Hormone Balance Bundle

This Essential Feminine Hormone Balance Bundle combines powerful essential oils to help the hormones and the body operate at its best. The combination of these essential oils have been proven to support female hormones and eases PMS and any symptoms you may experience with menstruation.

Jade Egg Dreaming Bundle

I created the Jade Egg Dreaming Ceremony to empower your journey toward vibrant health and to show you how to birth your dreams in a most feminine way. It’s quite easy, and takes virtually no time in your busy day. Once you set the stage, all you need to do is place the egg inside you and “dream” with it at night.

Digital Download: Sexual Agreements by Amara Charles

Many times after a workshop, when people are feeling more free, more open, and more curious about what's possible to create in their intimate relationships, they often do not know where to begin. So while many people might like to create more satisfying relationships, I saw that they really don't have a guide, a map, or a blueprint to starting fresh.

You Are Divine Vulva Tank Tops Black

Formerly available only at our workshops, Our Vulva T-Shirts and Tanks have been so popular we sell out at nearly every workshop. Both men and women are buying these T-Shirts and are proud to wear this tasteful, elegant, and yet on-the-edge vulva design which is on the front of the T-Shirt. The back of the shirt displays the “You Are Divine” inscription.