Feminine Sexual Practices

Jade Egg Dreaming Ceremony eBook

Jade Egg Dreaming Ceremony eBook by Amara Charles

$19.99 - Top Seller

This gentle feminine practice guides you step by step on how to create a special Shakti altar and how to dream with your Jade Egg to manifest your deepest desires. Our soothing and easy 30-day practice increases internal sensations, brings greater lubrication, and strengthens the pelvic floor – all by learning to deeply relax with your Jade Egg.
Luscious Breasts - Luscious Vagina

Luscious Breasts & Luscious Vagina

$49.99 - NEW EDITION

Soften into your feminine sacred sexuality with these empowering Self-Love Vagina and Breast practices with the Luscious Breasts & Luscious Vagina ebook. These exercises will increase your sex drive, ignite your orgasmic passion, and deepen your self-love connection.
Aching to Open

NEW! Aching to Open, A Collection of Erotic Poetry, Stories and Photography


Aching to Open reminds us to breathe, participate, let the ambrosial juice of life run unfettered down our chins, and wakes us up to beauty. Amara’s words, like pearls strung on a silver thread, show us that there is nothing that cannot serve us on our journey to recognize our innate wholeness and instinctive goodness. Agnes’s photography captures moments of pure beauty and shows us that if we celebrate our naturalness, we are irrepressibly sexy.

Women’s Health – Premium, High Quality Mayan Jade Egg

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We searched the world for the best jade eggs we could find, and chose to import our premium quality jade eggs directly from Guatemala. They are gorgeous high-quality Mayan jade eggs that are sanitary with a drilled hole for use with string for easy insertion and removal.