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Men’s Health: Dragon Horn Herbs Formula with Exercise Guide

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The Dragon Horn herb formula enhances length and girth of the penis, prevents the erection from shrinking during sex, greatly increases semen production, and alleviates nocturnal emissions, excess urination, and aches.

Men’s Health: Dragon King Oil with Exercise Guide

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The herbs in The Dragon King Oil cause the skin of the penis to attract increased blood flow in the dorsal veins, arteries, and capillaries, thus causing the two corpora cavernosa chambers and the glans penis to swell. The ointment is normally used when performing the Nine Jade Dragon Exercises, when combined it will enhance length and girth of the penis.

Men’s Health: Joyful Dragon Formula with Exercise Guide

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The Joyful Dragon formula stimulates blood flow to the penis, thus expanding the corpora cavernosa, stimulating the growth of the bulb of the corpus spongisium (which causes it to lengthen), causing the increased production semen, increasing the frequency and prolongation of erections, and encouraging multiple ejaculations.

Men’s Health: Taoist Ancient Herbal Sexual Revitalization Bundle

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The Taoist Ancient Herbal Sexual Revitalization Collection contains three effective products that support the health of the penis. This collection is offered as special bundle for the holiday only (while supplies last). In this bundle you will receive: The Dragon King Oil to enhance length and girth, The Dragon Horn Formula to enhance erections, The Joyful Dragon to enhance the length of an erection and the strength of ejaculation, and the Nine Jade Dragon Exercises to amplify your self-practice.