March 20, 2018

The Power of Sacred Sites

Have you ever felt the power and the vibration of a physical place? | submitted by Amara Back

Have you ever felt the power and the vibration of a physical place? A power that left you feeling energized, awakened, vitalized or ready for a big life change? What you experienced was a sacred site – a power place that holds specific frequencies and vibrations. These wonderful sites can amplify and accelerate transformation, growth, the power of healing, creativity, purification and much, much more.

Sacred sites, otherwise known as vortexes, are places on earth where the land has concentrated power to exponentially amplify, catalyze and accelerate all transformation, awakening, and change. The veils are thinner in these locations where multi-dimensional reality is more easily accessed and traveled. As such, the spiritual and mystical realms are more readily available and accessible to those that are physically within the site and are receptive with an open heart and mind.

Hawaii and Mount Shasta in California are two of these power places. These regions are not only more powerful than others but also contain specific sites within these regions that resonate a unique vibration or frequency, which distinguishes it from any other site in that same region. Some sites amplify the power of healing – catalyzing miraculous instant healing. Others contain potent concentrations of other very specific energies, such as death, birth, creativity, manifestation, purification, forgiveness, psychic power, and awakening. The Island, or Mountain, becomes the “teacher” and the results are nothing short of miraculous.

Magick meditating by the ocean

Maui is one of the most active and high vibrational power places in the world. The many secret sites of Maui are found across and around the Island in the form of magical waterfalls, healing beaches, ancient forests, mystical pools and mysterious caves. Because of its high concentration of sacred sites and healing energy, Maui is known as “The Island of Instant Manifestation.”

I have personally felt the power and experienced healing at some sacred sites in Maui, and have been inspired to team up with Greg “Magick” Bernstein this summer to offer for the first time, a unique retreat – Mystical Heart, where we will guide a small group of people to these exclusive sites and journey to the depths of our healing. The sites are extraordinary – no words can relay their power. Magick shared this wonderful story of a sacred site miracle that I am excited to share with you – just a taste of the potential.

“At the sacred sites, anything can happen. There was a woman who came to one of my retreats. She had been given six months to live and was told there was no chance of survival. When she went back home after being on the retreat and visiting these powerful vortexes, she went for a visit to her doctor and did some routine tests. They found there was absolutely nothing wrong with her. She went on to live many happy and healthy years. It doesn’t matter if you come for something related to your health, your career, your purpose in life, wanting to be fully who you are, or something grander like to experience the divinity that you are, and heal all the separation, these shared sites and this retreat will catalyze, amplify and execrate all transformation and awakening. Miracles are a regular occurrence on these retreats.”


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Marina says

I am curious to know more and what is possible on these retreats please!