December 29, 2013

Opening to the Infinite

submitted by Amara Charles Back

I love the kind of brave openings that only you know are a really big deal; like bouts of over-the-top sweetness that take you by surprise, or showing some secret talent you usually keep hidden. I had no idea that Spar was about to open wide, or that he’s a really well-known artist. (he didn’t mention his work is in the UN and collected by the likes of Richard Branson.)

It was the last day of the Maui Quodoushka, the day we always seem to reach a magical matrix, so of course I said yes when he (rather shyly) asked if he could bring out a few paintings.

‘They’re actually private’ he said,  ‘I’ve never shown these to anyone but close friends.’  

That was before Quodoushka.  By now we were close friends.

As he unwrapped his work for us, revealing soft and subtle places his corporate clients might only privately peer at, it was like he was stripped naked.

‘These are stunning and way too precious to keep in the closet’ I said.

Here’s one of my favorites

Essense and Form

Essence and Form by Spar Street

When we go to something like Quodoushka, where our desire to love rises from the natural core of our being, it has a way letting lose the courage to do things we’ve always wanted to do.

For Spar, it was about really owning a secret part of himself and letting himself  be seen by others. But more importantly, it is about coming out as a man who proudly celebrates his sensuality, his beauty and love. Not to mention his exceptional artistic expression as a lover.

Now you can warm up your home with an intimate painting from Spar Street’s (formerly) private erotic art collection.

Several of Spar’s paintings are now available as fine art reproductions (on canvas), or as Hand Enhanced Limited Editions (where he adds his original touch by hand painting each reproduction.)

Purchase Fine Art Reproductions on Canvas

Purchase Hand Enhanced

(Spar hand paints, adding his unique touch to each reproduction)

Find out More about the artist and his work



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