November 30, 2010

Intimate Nudges for the New Year

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Intimate Nudges for the New Year

Have you ever felt your heart pounding through your loins with gratitude?

Can you remember one of those sweet intimacies when you really looked into someone’s eyes, really held their hand or reveled in the warmth of their body curling up beside you?

Think about some of the special kisses, hugs or perhaps even a few wild let-goes you’ve had this year. Take a sec to appreciate the once-in-a-lifetime preciousness of your intimate embraces.

Love Crystals In Your Body
Speaking of pounding hearts and such, did you know researchers discovered that saying the words “I love you” makes it beat faster? As we know from those exquisite photographs of the crystalline shapes water molecules assume through prayer and intention,  imagine what happens to the water in your body when you say “I love you.”

What could be more magical than making molecules turn into spectacular crystals of bliss? Just let a bit of passionate tenderness trickle through your mind and your cells will comply, eagerly arranging themselves, effortlessly telling the dark velvet waters of your heart to go pitter-patter.


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amara says

Yay Amara, Love your newsletter!

3 things that make a magnificent sexual experience for me:

1. The wait. It is nice to go out and have fun and really, really ‘want’ them and have all that energy built so at the end of the night when you are in the bedroom you can just release – so cool!

2. Kissing and Touching each other sensuously clothed, and really wanting to be undressed.

3. Being teased with touch and the hold off, when you really want them to be inside you and you feel their genitals touch you and you they make you wait.

amara says

Oh yes, I love the bit about ‘wanting to be undressed’ and the ‘hold off.’ I plan to be inspired by you this evening…