February 16, 2018

All-natural sex perfume that makes you irresistible

Did you know that having lots of sex will have others perceive you as sexier? | submitted by Amara Charles Back

Doesn’t it feel like that fling from the past, or the cute woman you’ve been lusting after at work for months only wants to text you when you’re in a relationship? It’s almost as if other people can sense that you now have someone who can’t keep their hands off you, and THEY want a piece too! Well, blame the pheromones,  natural sex perfume, because this is what’s going on! When we are sexually active our body gives off greater quantities of those marvelous chemicals called “pheromones.” These pheromones are the all-natural subtle sex perfume that drives the opposite sex crazy for you. Funny how this works; have more sex and not only will others want you more, you’ll want more sex too!

If you want to test this out, the next time you are at a party sneak into a closet or go out to the car for a quickie. When you come back into the party you will experience certain people nudging up a little closer and sniffing up the pheromones all around you.

You might want to spread a bit of love around by surprising your lover with something they have been fantasizing about. Sure, flowers and candles are a great way to celebrate, but when was the last time you spontaneously made love someplace you were not supposed to? It’s empowering and thrilling! That energy can be felt and it attracts others to you. Consider trying something unusual or even a little bizarre. I had a friend who dressed up in a short jean skirt like she was sixteen and had her husband pick her up hitch hiking on the side of the road. I bet that was a sweet ride home. Show your partner that you love their sexiness and you will, in turn, be sexier!

Spontaneous expressions of absolute passion and love is a medicine that’ll cure any ailment you’ve got! Actions speak louder than words. You know the kind when you’re walking down the hall, grab your lover and pour sweet passion all over their body until they start laughing uncontrollably? It’s in those moments that our bodies are reacting psychologically and physiologically sending our pleasure meter through the roof. Overload their senses and make your partner taste even sweeter by dripping rich, dark, chocolate syrup all over their favorite places. The possibilities are endless.

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