December 28, 2011

My Secret Santa

submitted by Amara Charles Back

One of my most memorable Christmas’s was when my lover decided to fulfill one of my sexual fantasies to be with two men in an evening of sensual delight and adult sexual play. He made all the arrangements with someone he knew I would like – tall, lean and Italian, and told me where and when to show up. Let’s call my secret Santa, Sergio.

For days before, I felt a mixture of anticipation and nervousness. I hadn’t felt like this since I was a young woman surging with hormones. The day finally arrived and I packed some sexy play cloths, took the drive to Sedona and allowed my imagination to generate infinite possibilities which only increased my desire and appetite. Fantasy and imagination is one of the best aphrodisiacs there is for me…

The plan was to share a lovely meal together before we embarked into our ménage a trois. The guys had spent most of the days working on the house and were grubby and a bit tired when I arrived late afternoon. After assessing the situation I decided to offer Sergio a massage in front of the fireplace. As I kneeled over him I slowly started moving my hands over his long lean back, noticing the slight movement of his breath. I connected to his sensuality in a tender and vulnerable way and felt him relax underneath my hands.

Meantime, my boyfriend was in the kitchen putting together the evening meal filling the house with the fragrance of oregano and chicken. I went into the kitchen to give him a kiss and rub his shoulders sensing his nervousness about this and appreciating that he had arranged all this for me.

I went to get changed for dinner. I came out wearing a skin tight black dress with a slit in the front that revealed my long legs and the tops of thigh high leggings. Sexy black strappy shoes completed the outfit. As I stealthily walked into the room, I could feel both their eyes on me…following the curves of the dress on my body. The temperature in the room got warmer and the conversation flirtatious. After a few glasses of wine I started to really relax.

Sensual music is playing in the background. After dinner I ask Sergio if he wants dessert and ask him to come and dance with me in the living room. As our bodies interlock and I feel how sensually we move together the heat in our bodies start to rise. There was a long passionate kiss and Sergio unzips the long zipper at the back of the dress. He pulls me down to the floor and traces up into the slit of my dress with his warm breath revealing the sweet scent of my expectant pussy. He is blowing gently on the outside of my black lace thong which drives me into spirals of anticipation. I can feel the wetness and pulsing of my yonni. He removes my thong with his teeth. I am vaguely aware that my boyfriend has come into the space from the kitchen watching for the right opportunity to join us. All sense of time stops.

From that point it became a stream of kissing, licking, touching, gyrating between the three of us with me being the focus of their attention. Someone is kissing me passionately and fondling my sensitive nipples while the other is hungrily sucking my pussy. At one point I am on my knees giving both of them a blow job. This really turns on my lover to see me with two penises in my mouth. I could feel his sexual heat mix with some primal jealousy…a strange blend of possession and generosity of sharing me with someone else.

There were various positions on a cushion with my ass in the air taking it doggie style while I am sucking cock. I think all of came several times. After a while I was lying exhausted on top of Sergio. He was gently stroking my back. I look over at my lover who was sitting on the coach, with a look of satisfaction and appreciation.

Without doubt, Santa definitely came that year… at least once, and I received the gift of discovering the simple joy of fulfilling a sexual fantasy.


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Star Horse says

Beautiful, sensuous, skillful writing. And such a powerful story of Awesome Love, trust, and exploration in beauty! What makes it really exciting to read is that it’s a true story!! Thank you for sharing, sweet friends!

shyena says

That Santa Story really Turned me On!!
I would really Luv that for xmas this Year!!!!

Spitfire says

Oh dear Amara – you are a divine presence on this earth, sent by the Universe to inspire us men and to improve our relationships with the women we know. Thank you Great Spirit for sending her to us.

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