August 24, 2011

My First Quodoushka Book Signing in Asheville!

submitted by Amara Charles Back

My Dream has come true!

Many years ago, when I was roaming the Strand Book store in NYC (which still smelled like books), I said to myself,

‘Someday, my book is gonna be on ‘the shelf.’

25 years later, it has happened. It’s still sinking in.  And yes, it feels as good as I dreamed it would.

Seeing my book on the shelf (next to the Kama Sutra, no less), is as sweet as sweet can be. I hope people will enjoy reading it.

Then I got to talk and sign books. What a blast!

Talking about sex on a Monday night, with kids roaming about, people drinking coffee, and more than a few fellow book lovers listening in… what could be better?

Malaprop’s is the quintessential independent book store. It’s cozy, warm and big, and it’s in the heart of funky, upscale Asheville, North Carolina.

(there’s rocking chairs in the NC airports instead of benches. Seriously. )

You can get lost in the aisles, pulled by rows and rows of books, and of course, there’s some rather fair and shiny, down-home folk strolling about.

I ask, ‘how many of you have been to a book reading at Malaprop’s before?’ They ALL raise their hands. Most come to the store to hear authors regularly. Nice. Not many places like this left. (BTW, if you know of a great Independent book store where you live, I’d love to come by.)

Malaprop's Book Store

Signing books was fun, because it’s still the personal connections we make that really touch us. There were women and men in their seventies, and several young guys in their 20’s (I do like this), with every age in between. The questions were intelligent, as you would expect in a book store…

Yes, there were some raised eyebrows, and you could feel people swallowing tightly, at times, but, (and maybe it’s the Southern hospitality,) they were more than polite. They seemed quite open to my message that our sexuality is natural, healthy and good.

I love introducing the idea of spiritual sexuality to new, curious folk. They wonder what it is. Rightly so.

The Best Part

The Sexual Anatomy Types certainly gets their attention, especially the way I talk about it– just on the edge of acceptable conversation. Right on the edge, actually.

Virginia, who takes care of guest authors who come to speak, bless her heart, had a grin from ear to ear the whole time. Virginia, you, and Asheville rock.

Thanks for having me.

p.s. Help me Hit #1 on Amazon on September 27th.

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka

Buy a copy of  ‘The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka’ on September 27th on

p.p.s. No, it wont be signed… BUT, being highly ranked on Amazon means a great deal to the books longevity and worldwide availability.


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edward guzman says

Sounds like you had a great time! I was wondering what the best way to purchase your book was and now I know. I will be sure to get it on Amazon on 9/27. The only downside will be having to wait that long to get it! I wish you and the book much success. ~:~

Amara says

Hi Ed,
I know, it’s hard to wait, and I understand if you want it now!!!! If you really want one, I have them, but if you can wait cool too :-).
Thanks for your love and support. It’s amazing how excited everyone is… And we’re having a Virtual Launch, online on September 27 too.
Thunder Strikes will be on… I’ll be sending a note out soon with details. Till then, be well dear one, and thanks.