December 4, 2010

More Amazing Responses: (Part 2) What -for you- Makes a Magnificent Sexual Experience?

submitted by Amara Charles Back


answer b. from ‘Raz”

“An ideal encounter continues on one of two forks, both equally wonderful:  one fork is the wet, wild, thrashing, wanton sex with not a moment to lose. Sex like this happens fast and hard; our groins grind into each other and our mouths devour each other sucking, pulling, stroking our most personal parts while our hands and fingers explore every fold and bend of our bodies (even though we may have seen them so often before) like meteorites explore the atmosphere in bright, thrusting bolts of pure energy before bursting upon the scene like a seering torchlight.   The other fork is slow, thoughtful, considered and tender but no less magnificent. Our lips lightly graze upon each other while our eyes convery their unmistakable message, “I want you”.  Nobody else and nowhere else exists except the two of us, right here right now.  And time is on our side. Time to savor a look; time to return a touch; time to synchronize our breath and our movement.  Time to explore a thought – turn it around, roll it over, reflect upon it and re-transmit it in a different form.  Time to express eternal, magical, total love for each other.”

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