December 28, 2010

The secret to being an excellent lover

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Amara Charles

The secret to being an excellent lover is to turn your scattered thoughts into clear arrows of intention. Instead of letting your affections wander off into extraterrestrial fantasies, use the momentum of the season to help your love arrows meet their mark.

With all the affirmations and promises we make, we often forget to include sexual love in the arrow of our hearts intent. All this can change in a flash however if, just before you are about to make love, you ask yourself:

“How can I be more loving? How can I be more kind?”

Place these questions inside your mind like arrows waiting to softly shoot. By wanting nothing in return, happy to give, seek the ways you can offer more to your lover. These are the heart arrows that make kisses taste sweeter and touch feel even more sublime.

There is a natural gust of forgiveness and hope that comes with the tide of a new year. So here’s a nudge to place kind, loving and sexy arrows on your bow. Then let your gaze, the way you walk and speak quiver with sweeter and stronger intentions. Once you have dared to let your heart arrows fly, sit back and watch them land where they will, even if you are the only one who knows where they came from.

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sam waiseghoby says

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