February 15, 2011

Intimate Relationships On Your Own Terms

submitted by Amara Charles Back

What if being single means you can have intimate relationships and beautiful sex when you’d like to?  What if you’re married and wish to feel closer, more connected and more full of passion?

I am launching this blog for those who want to enjoy life on their own terms- sexually and otherwise.

I think that if people allow themselves to embrace all that is possible, they will have so much more.

I’m calling this section of my blog Intimate Moments because I believe what matters most  is how we share with people we love.

I wonder why we let chances for intimacy and deep connection slip by so often.

We forget how important sex, intimacy and touch are and we let all sorts of unimportant things keep us away from enjoying what matters most.

During those times when it seems just about anything and everything is more important than feeling pleasure, like when the news goes sour- I say, this is the best time to crawl under the covers with someone to have some fun.

You may ask, How on earth with governments falling, unemployment soaring, and futures shaking could an intimate moment life save the day?

It happens all the time. It’s not about making anything happen, or looking for anything, rather, it’s about noticing what is happening, and enjoying it all as perfect.

Yes, that means even when life seems anything but perfect. And it means feeling the intimacy of the moment during the very best and worst of times.

Are you waiting for something to change before you can enjoy an intimate moment with someone?

What makes your intimate moments special? Maybe if you share, someone reading will wake from sleepiness and remember how lovely it is to be alove. (meant to type alive- but alove came out instead.)

Intimate Moment of the Day

Today I sat in the sun with a new friend who reminds me of Anthony Hopkins. We talked about how we grew up and I realized that the way I made friends throughout high school was pretty much the same way I make them now.  Ha! I’m still kind of a social loner, who adores connecting with all kinds of people as soon as I can take a break from this very important thing I am doing!

p.s. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. If you like this post, pass it on.

Sex and Intimacy  expert Amara Charles’ new book about living a sexual life on your own terms: The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka will be available in August. Meantime, if you want to celebrate an intimate evening of sensuous touch, download the Touch for Two DVD for your at home pleasure. Our next Touch for Two is March 25, Phoenix

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