a new world of possibility, created by the combined vision of Amara Charles and Steven Barnes

e·rot·ic /i?rätik/ adjective

in·tel·li·gence \in-?te-l??-j??n(t)s\noun

Erotic Intelligence is about becoming sensitively attuned to the constant fluctuations life presents and then using this awareness to properly discern what to do.

–Imagine living a life where everything you do leads to your dreams…and the fulfillment of those dreams increases your overall pleasure, joy, and erotic adventure.

–Imagine living in a world where every erotic awareness increases your energy and aliveness, enabling your creativity, health, fitness, and success!

In 1928, Napoleon Hill’s classic THINK AND GROW RICH revealed that the most successful men and women had highly charged erotic natures. And that through the process he called “Sex Transmutation” actually used this energy to drive their creativity and worldly accomplishment.

But using sexual energy to drive accomplishments is not the whole story, for the real challenge is to channel your erotic energy with wisdom so you can fully enjoy the whole journey toward success.

Now, for the first time, the two worlds of worldly success and erotic delight have joined together to create a unique blueprint.

Amara and Steve have been friends for twenty years, and out of their fascinating comparisons of sacred and worldly paths of power, created the unique Art of Erotic Intelligence Online Program.


steve_1STEVEN BARNES is a world-reknowned expert on human performance, a NY Times bestselling novelist, film-maker, black belt in three different systems, yoga teacher, creative consultant, master hypnotist, husband and father.






Amara in Hawaii AMARA CHARLES is a world-reknowned expert on sexual energies, having taught thousands of students in dozens of countries, authored books, tapes, given live lectures in seven countries, and been certified in multiple traditions of sexual magic.What if we said that there’s a scientific way, a proven formula that could dramatically increase your magnetic fire and allow you to realize accomplishments most dear to your heart?



You will receive:

1) The Thirty Day Erotic Challenge

Designed to “kick start” you, giving you specific instructions and assignments to help you begin this new, juicy phase of your life. Thirty days of focus and flow, helping you and your partner (there are solo exercises, never fear!) tap back into the joy that originally brought you together…and take it up a notch!

2) The Science of Erotic Intelligence MP3. The full, two-hour lecture originally given by Amara and Steve at the Tantric Erotic Meetup in Phoenix.

3) The full transcript of that lively and entertaining talk. Listen and read along to learn and absorb more deeply.

4) The Art of Erotic Intelligence one-hour MP3, Amara and Steve recorded live on the “Diamond Hour” radio show.

5) The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles. This “forgotten” classic text is the source of the worldwide best-seller The Secret! But the original, written in 1924, contains information not in the later version, information you MUST have if you would get the most out of it. This version, offered to you in complete form, contains special annotations by Amara and Steve, boiling its principles down to simple step-by-step form, linking it with the EROTIC INTELLIGENCE concept.

This package contains concepts, exercises and information gleaned over decades of research and practice. You can simply “plug and play” the thirty day Challenge, or “dive in” and listen to the MP3s…study the transcripts…or read the TRUTH behind “The Secret” and gain a practical knowledge of sexual and creative energies that will blow your mind!

In addition, you will receive a “Quick Start” pdf to help you navigate this new territory, and an exclusive “Get S.M.A.R.T.” lesson on effective goal setting.

PLUS: until that time you will ALSO receive Amara’s THE NINE EROGENOUS ZONES OF THE LOVE GAME MP3, and Steven Barnes’ ANCIENT CHILD meditation MP3 for the healing of emotional wounds.

AFTER THAT, THE PRICE GOES UP TO 34.95 and the extras go back in the vault!

“(Amara Charles’ SEXUAL PRACTICES OF THE QUODOSHKA) is a treasure trove of
wisdom and sexuality practices from beginner to advanced.”
— Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. Author of Dr. Sprinkle’s Spectacular Sex

“Steven Barnes (is) uniquely powerful (in helping others balance) their physical
and emotional arenas along a spiritual pathway
to abiding self love and unifying purpose.”

–Gerald M. Levin,
Former CEO, Time/Warner

And what is your investment is this new life? We want to invite you to the beginning of something very special, a tribe of brothers and sisters committed to their own growth, their pleasure, success, and a healthy dance of Masculine and Feminine energies on this wounded planet. As such, Amara and Steve have made a conscious decision to offer it at the lowest price possible.

Not 69.95

Not 49.95

Now only 29.95


AFTER THAT, THE PRICE GOES UP TO 34.95 and the “8 Erogenous Zones” and “Ancient Child” extras go back in the vault!

Order today!