February 26, 2010

Menopause changes: It is like my sexuality is shifting and becoming more soft….

submitted by Amara Charles Back

This is Irene from Sweden writing. Since 2002 I am an apprentice in the Deer Tribe and we meet on Quodouska II in 2005 and i also went to a workshop at your house in November the same year. I also did Q III and IV and De-armoring.

But i am also a qigong teacher and very inspired of the Tao and the White Tigress (I read the books by Hsi Lai). I am teaching mainly women in sexual qigong, mostly exercises from Universal Tao, Mantak Chia.

Right now i am writing some new course material for my classes and have ended up thinking and wondering about some things.

And then i got the idea to mail you since you also teach in qigong excercises for women.

Maybe you can help me to find some of the answers. I would be very thankful, but i also understand if not.

*I am now 48 years and have not been menstruating for a year. It is like my sexuality is shifting and becoming more soft. Orgasm changes. Do you have any tips, exercises, experience or knowledge how to support the change and the sexuality during menopause?

*I have also been doing a lot of research about the female ejaculation, what it is and from where in the body it comes. The general consensus is that it comes from parauretral glands or the kidneys and that it mostly is a clear secret with similar ingredient as in men.

But then i read about the concept of ”the three sacred waters” (in the White tigress and Tao). They say that one source also is the cervix and that it is more thick and white. I have that myself sometimes, and most women i talk to have not!? (I was so glad when i read about it)

Whats your experience and ideas about it? Where and how can i find out more about it?

*I also read somewhere that we have the same idea, three sacred waters, in the Quodoushka teaching, i did not hear about that, is that so?

*In some of my sexual qigong training with David Verdesi we learned to ”drink” water with the vagina with a long small tubes. One of the intention was to learn to open and close cervix by will. Is that part of White Tigress training? Have you came across that and is it possible and why would one want to do that? It included also movement of the uterus by will. (I dont practice with David any more. I think he said it had something to do with extract the yang in the jing qi)

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Amara- response says

Hi Irene,
Thank you for writing to me.
Since your questions are so rich and complex I am going to answer them in several posts over the next while…. (AND because you are going to do the Correspondence Course with me, I will answer things like this in more depth privately.)

p.s. Please let me know if there are any details from this note you may wish to leave out. With your permission, I posted your questions here, and am starting this conversation because I get a lot of questions like this, and I think both women and men could benefit from a discussion on these fascinating topics.