May 16, 2015

Is Sexual Magic Real?

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Of course it does.

If you consider what we go through, all the emotional obstacles, not to mention time constraints, kids and all those other reasonable sounding excuses – like I don’t have the right partner – or I don’t have time – it’s remarkable that we ever let ourselves surrender into the deeply nourishing bliss of ecstasy.

We all know there’s magic here.

Here’s what sexual magic is not.

It’s not having sex to get something. It’s not using sexual energy to magically produce more money, more sex or a big new house. The instant you approach sex like this, magic runs the other way. Sexual magic is really about merging into the most powerful waves of energy that exist. Love Waves.

Loving sexual union is pure magic, and yes, things may seem to happen magically when we spill ourselves into each other, diving fully into our natural selves. Your original nature knows where you come from, and yes, it’s a magical experience to remember this feeling flowing through your body.

But magic is finicky. It’s repelled by arrogance and greed of any kind.

One definition of magic I like is : ‘Seeing the direction change wants to take, and aligning so intimately with the movement of change, it seems you are directing what appears.’

The way we seek to experience sexual magic within Quodoushka is by practicing being highly receptive to the movement of all things. Sexual magic is about heightening your senses to their full capacity. It is not about ‘making’ things happen.

Ultimately, Sexual Magic is not about learning special sexual techniques or tricks. However, there are remarkable shamanic practices you can do to tune into the higher frequencies of pure love and there are ways you can increase your body, mind and your spirit’s capacity to hold, release and share much higher vibrations of loving energy.

I believe the secret to experiencing magical sexual love lies in developing the ability to totally let go within waves of intense pleasure, yet at the same time completely surrender the ego while making love.

It’s a mystery when this happens, because first we must allow ourselves ourselves to fill and be filled to the brim with pure pleasure and at the same time, entirely empty the ego’s need for it’s own pleasure.

The more I delve into the realms of sexual pleasure, the more I experience the most intense waves of love happen when we are not attached to them at all. To practice sexual magic, the real goal is to forget any goals. In other words, your aim is to merge into the most selfless streams of love you can.

How do you do this? You let go of having to have orgasms. You let go of having to please. You let go of wondering if things are going well. You let go of the past and of all daydreaming. You focus completely in the presence. You allow yourself to really feel pleasure, but you do not fixate on it at all.

Does this mean you just lose your mind and do whatever you want? No, quite the contrary. It means you heighten your awareness of everything. While sometimes you might be to reach the highest peaks of pleasure spontaneously – when you don’t try and you don’t think – in order to sustain such peaks of pleasure, ah, this takes practice. Like being a good runner, you have to build the capacity to hold and sustain higher frequencies.

So if you’d like to have magical experiences of loving energy coursing through you more intensely and more often, there are wonderful things to practice. These are the types of teachings I share when presenting Quodoushka spiritual sexuality.

In my view, sexual magic is rooted in the vision that anyone with a sincere heart, and the will to let go of the darkness of their limitations can, and will overcome their personal blocks to pleasure. There is no secret to this. It requires only the desire to give all the tenderness, kindness and body opening love you can. Entering into the realms of sexual magic is about piercing through the illusionary veils of limitation that keep you playing it small and safe, rarely daring to surrender fully into deep body love. Is this scary? Of course it is. If it wasn’t scary to let go in selfless bliss we would do it all the time.
That’s why it can be wonderful to have guidance about how to create a special space and a special intention to generate as much love, tenderness and passion as you can. Then as you culminate your life force energies you can direct them for the benefit of your self, life and others.

Once you say yes to a magical experience, even privately at home with someone you love, you may find it strums a chord of memory. You may remember times where it was easy and profound to allow such pleasure to be healthy, natural and good. You may find you have joined kindred spirits across all time who have always known that love can generate powerful selfless waves of abundance.

In my view, we should not leave the body or this world without knowing, feeling, tasting and sharing such beauty. For me, giving and receiving this kind of love, even once in a lifetime, leaves an indelible mark of beauty on the soul.

In beauty, Amara Charles

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mary lois sennewald says

What a lovely explanation. Best wishes for your magical Q.

Amara says

Thank You Mary. It’s good to hear from you. I hope you are happy and you Amara

Martilias Porreca says

Amara, I hear your desire to teach this Q3, however more than that I hear your desire to invite those who have not passed through this mountain pass to see a new valley, a new way of perceiving and being, to do so.
There are many things I could say about the Q3s of my personal experience – one is – I have gone each time with an open heart, with a spirit of awakeness and awareness and journeyed through the mountain pass to a heretofor not seen perspective.
Amara, I hope that there are enough replys and then some so this Q3 in July lives and breaths. Peace, Joy and Love, Martilias

Amara says

Dear Martilias
What a beautiful note. I feel your heart my friend. Thank you. Xoxo Amara


I am teaching a Q3 in 2017 early November. In Hawaii. Please see for details. And yes, you must do Q1 and Q2 in order to come to Q3! That’s all happening this year in Hawaii’ ps. I won’t be doing this again for a while, so if you’re curious, come this year! In beauty, Amara

Gustavo de la Torre says

Since Ieva and I separated officially last month I am without a partner to attend. I do have a new lover that could come with me but if that is not a possibility can I come alone. I figure it does not hurt to ask:)

Gustavo de la Torre says

Since Ieva and I separated officially last month I am without a partner to attend. I do have a new lover that could come with me but if that is not a possibility can I come alone. I figure it does not hurt to ask:) Love you Amara ????????

Gustavo de la Torre says

My emoji did not showed up. A word to the wise;)