February 21, 2011

The Intimacy of Social Networking

submitted by Amara Charles Back

I just found out I have an uncle in South America through Facebook and today my friend Steve Barnes, a successful science fiction author shared how Social Networking just made him a lot of money. He says, and I agree, that life is all about who you know and how well you nurture, tend to and care for your intimate connections.

“In whatever profession you wish to
excel, remember that connections
to others will make a huge difference.
Nurture them, protect them,
remember that every dollar you
ever earn will come from ANOTHER
HUMAN BEING. Prospective
employers, employees, customers,
mentors, investors…you simply
can’t just walk up to them and say:
“Hi! I’m Steve. Give me your
money/time/trust.” But you can
nurture a relationship with them,
give them value, show them who
you are…and then down the road
create partnerships or offer goods
and services to people who
already trust you, know you,
remember you, and have an
opinion about your value and skills.”

Probably nothing is more important than how we care for the people closest to us. For me, when I have tension in my intimate relationships, everything wobbles. Peace and harmony at home are what stabilize everything else, and until we have it every creative thing we try to do will fall flat.

The past few days, I’ve had wobbles at home- nothing serious, just short tempers and recurring flareups. But instead of brushing them aside and moving on, we took an abrupt inward turn, took time to talk and share and cuddle relentlessly until we started dreaming and laughing together the way we do best.

Actually, I really prefer facelooking to facebooking, and while it’s fun hearing from people all over the place, the best part of social networking is when you cast out your line and reel in some wonderful person you’d probably would never have met.

We got so excited when, for example, a woman came to our Tigress/Dragon Drumming class because she saw our website. Now we will drum together and become friends. Social Networking is such an amazing way meet and find people we may grow love.

I wonder if we can expand to love more?

My 6 words for Intimacy today: Expand So Big Love is Limitless

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