March 23, 2016

I don’t have a partner but I’m yearning for one, should I do Quodoushka or Shakti Queen?

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Hello and Thanks for your great question!


I can describe the differences and give you a few links to read more. Once you’ve had a chance to look this over,  I am happy to talk with you as well.

One of the big differences of course is Quodoushka is for men and women, and Shakti Queen presents empowerment teachings for women. Shakti Queen is where I present things I have learned from other traditions, especially my teacher Master Angela Yan. She is not only a Qigong Master, she has taken us for several years to work with her Tibetan Buddhist  teachers in China. Whereas the Quodoushka teachings are exclusively shamanic teachings from the Sweet Medicine Sundance path, of which I’ve been a teacher and apprentice for over 25 years, the Shakti teachings are a blend of things I’ve learned form other traditions as well.

The truth is, many people who work with me tend to eventually do both Quodoushka and Shakti because they are so different. The underlying message that our beauty and power, and our life path is greatly strengthened by having a wise and clear understanding of our sexual nature is the same. Quodoushka places you directly in the arena of facing deep sexual issues and has an amazing way of helping to heal and transform through ceremony, and experiential exercises.

The focus of Shakti is quite different. While there is also shamanic ceremony, and much healing and transformation, and there are certainly exercises, the focus is less on sexuality and more about creating a deep rooted love of the body, and acceptance of your feminine beauty. This includes letting go of shame, and it means learning why and how feminine sexuality is vital to a women’s spiritual growth. I believe is felt, and not just heard, so we do things that plant the deep seed of love in your body so that it’s yours for always. It’s not just an idea, it’s a moving experience of truth that changes the way you feel deep down inside. That’s what really transforms and heals us, and I believe that’s why Shakti Queen has been so successful. It touches you in an unforgettable way.

Quodoushka is equally transformational! It produces epic changes in your approach to intimacy, sex and relationships. People come over and over again to Quodoushka not only to experience their own growth, and their own amazing new openings for love, they come to see it, and share this experience with others. It’s quite interesting, Quodoushka is both a deeply personal adventure, and at the same time, you cannot help be moved with compassion for other people’s journey’s too.

I could go on about the differences, but let me stop here and let you have a read to see what you think. Then, please feel free to get back with me if you have any questions. I think both would prepare you for entering a new relationship on a higher level, and both would help you clear your way for more happiness in your intimate life.

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