January 21, 2011

How To Spot a Real Woman (part two)

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Many women however have forgotten how to replenish their feminine qualities and have lost have lost touch with the sources of their beauty. Their natural energy becomes dulled like a dry stone through years of doubting their instincts and intuitions. But what most erodes enduring feminine beauty is when women hold back the full expression of their lush sexual energy.

When a woman goes too long without enjoying herself sexually, tucking away her need for orgasmic pleasure under all her excuses, her passion for life withers away. She becomes too tense, too controlling, and too demanding in petty ways. She starts to look and feel tired. When a woman cannot find a way to express herself sexually, negative emotions collect inside dimming the allure of her natural feminine beauty.

A real woman on the other hand, knows how precious her sexuality is and she understands that her feminine vitality is directly connected to her ability to express her erotic nature with wisdom and care.

Although many women will say they really enjoy sex, most will also admit they are frequently disappointed. When a woman is frustrated because she has not found a way to be sexual in the way she likes, she may try to convince herself that sex is no longer all that important. She may attempt to replace what is missing by filling her self up with other things- with food, houses, children or a busy life. She may even go through the motions of having sex, yet her heart is lost. All this activity never quite replaces what she really needs.

What do you think a real woman needs?

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Amrita Wise says

Can the heart ever be lost? I don’t believe so – it may feel a lot of things, from abandoned, numb, broken through the whole gamete to ecstatic, content and loving, but lost? No…I don’t think so…the blessed heart is more intelligent and resilient than that, to ever lose itself…I believe a real woman knows this, and no matter what phase of her life or sexuality she is in, in her life, BECAUSE she knows this she is always compelling, mysterious and capable of ecstasy.