November 19, 2012

How To Increase Your Erotic Intelligence

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The Sessons with Helen Hunt and John Hawks

Go see this movie.

Why? Because it’s not only lovely to watch truth crawling through the covers reaching below the belt of collective consciousness, it shows where men and women are not different in the places that count.

While it’s hardly a blockbuster, the fact that ‘The Sessions’ made it to the screen is a testimony to the raw power of sex. And there’s no better way to see such a movie than with a group of women dedicated to compassionate sex and intimacy. So when our Yin Way woman’s class filled a row in the theater, we rooted for this true story of a quadriplegic, virginal 38-year-old writer (John Hawks) and his married sexual surrogate (Helen Hunt).

The story is not only boldly intimate, quirky and touching, Hollywood got the message right: sex can be an elegant healing force, and furthermore there are more kinds of love than exist in traditional or romantic relationships.

Every woman in our group  (true, we are not exactly ‘average’ women) knows the kind of pure love and absolute gratitude a man feels when he accepts the exquisitely sacred, intimate gift of a woman’s body and heart. When given freely, with an absolute love that transcends conventional scripts, this type of sexual love, as this movie shows, will leave a smile on a dying man’s face.

When we left the theater, Shyena asks, ‘is he really crippled’. (I do love her so…, and yes, John Hawks is that good.)

Of course, the part where our Yin Way row cheered the most was when the Roman Catholic priest (Bill Macy), struggling with his precepts and yet so moved by the virgin joy of his devoutly Catholic confidant, he cannot help but advise him to go ahead and have sex with a married woman. What a great inside-the-pants blow to rigid moralists who could never condone this type of sexual love.

What Could Have Been Better
If I had been consulted on this movie I would have had Helen be softer and more feminine. With her clinical terms, wearing jeans and dull shirts (so as not to overly arouse?) she turns her patient into a school boy rather than what he really needs: to become a man.

It’s as if when passion and sexiness is numbed down it’s somehow more acceptable and  manageable. I wonder what the sex scenes in this movie would have been like if everyone in the audience was truly turned on by Helen Hunt’s fully feminine allure.

Nonetheless, when she really does let go while he’s inside her, and then forgets her payment, it’s the turning point of the film. I also appreciate how this movie shows the delicate, and sometimes wrenching challenge  it is to do this type of work while maintaining another intimate relationship. These are fine examples of erotic intelligence.

I’d say anyone practicing any type of sexual healing, or anyone who’d like to see a modern expression of a Phoenix Fire Woman Lover’s Mask should go to see this movie.

I love art that nibbles on the fringes of what’s proper!

In beauty,

‘Quehestemehah’ (You Dance in My Heart)


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When we enter into this third level of sexual joining with someone who is our beloved partner on the journey of life, we partake in a lasting gift of communion that endures and nourishes us on an ongoing basis. Before sattvic sex, we may have been best friends and lovers. After sattvic sex, we become divine mirrors for each other, reflecting our shared ecstasy and bliss.

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