March 24, 2017

Honoring the God in Every Man

One man's sharing from the Prague Quodoushka | submitted by Anonymous Back
Prague, Amara Charles

Something magical happened in Prague. As we presented the first Quodoushka in the Czech Republic, we felt in the people this hunger for the ceremony that brought our gathering to such a profound level of beauty, honoring respect, and love between the men and women.

It happened that we had very few men in the group, and after a gorgeous ceremony celebrating feminine beauty, there was no time to include the men. So the next day, one man expressed his deep disappointment with such honesty and heart, it changed the whole direction of the workshop.


I told this beautiful gentleman of a dream I had in the night where a man asked me to release a poison that was stuck in his head. As I pressed it out of his head it came out roaring like a rocket. So we decided in the moment to create an honoring ceremony where eight women shared the gifts she felt men bring to her, and then each man expressed what women bring to him. It was indescribably beautiful. We were all weeping in gratitude.

Here is one man’s way of sharing what happened for him:

I want to share in more detail how powerful the “Honoring Men” ceremony was for me. It is important for me to write this but I also hope that what I write sparks some magical memories of the time we shared at the Q in Prague, 2017.

Sister M, a sister with huge brown eyes and boundless spirituality, took her place directly opposite me. I felt an immediate connection with her as our eyes met. I could feel her heart beating and I could feel the delicate touch of her fibers as they wrapped around my heart. Even if M’s fibers were not yet under her full control, they knew instinctively what to do, and they captivated me. I knew then that this was going to be a wonderful, and mentally difficult, ceremony! Soon, the sisters began to slowly sway to a silent rhythm; it was a dance of welcome, a dance of reconnection, a dance of home. Then, each sister approached ‘her’ brother until she was dancing just a few inches from his face. My experience of M’s presence with me was transformational and transported me to a different time and a different place, a time when I was much younger. It is from here that I want to tell you my personal experience of this ceremony.

As I gazed into M’s eyes, it was once again 1967 and I was just 17 years old. One summer day, at my high school in Manchester, England, I stood on the sports fields and looked up at the sky to watch the numerous jets making white vapor trails in the cloudless sky. I knew that they were practicing combat flying to keep our country safe from invasion, just as their predecessors had kept the German invasion fleet away from the shores of Britain in 1940. Several hundred thousand German soldiers supported by several thousand bombers and fighter air crafts, were stopped by just 600 RAF fighter planes (some were flown by Czech pilots – and they were good).

Winston Churchill said in a radio speech at the time:
“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

So those RAF fighter pilots became known as The Few! Churchill’s statement resonated with me and became a major piece of my political thinking. When I saw those vapor trails that day in 1967, I decided to join the Royal Air Force as a pilot. I started flying in 1969. Arrayed against our little island and our western allies was the massive Soviet military apparatus, which included help from their satellite nations, like Poland, E. Germany, Romania, Bulgaria and, of course, Czechoslovakia. I was only 18 years old but I was full of piss and vinegar, and no communist pilot was going to drop a bomb on my country. No! He was going to die in the attempt because I was going to shoot him down!

Fast-forward 48 years; it is 2017 and I find myself standing in a circle of Czech and German brothers, in Prague. As I stood in the circle, M is sending waves of her powerful and spiritual energy into me and slowly transforms into a Divine Goddess, so I am able to strengthen my powerful connection with her spirituality. When we fully connected at a soul level (for me, a soul connection is far more intimate than a sexual connection), the realization hit me. I was trained to kill men who lived in the beautiful land that is now the Czech Republic. I would have killed them without hesitation: hesitation meant death.

I was upset and shaking inside, but I was trying to contain my feelings as much as possible. I did not want to interfere with the ceremony, but it took every gram of my willpower to hold myself back. As the ceremony progressed, I felt an intense wave of horror that I could have actually killed Czech pilots. It hit me so hard that I could not breathe; I had to catch my breath in little short gasps. Since arriving in the Czech Republic, I had adored everyone I met, and yet, just a few decades before, I would have killed this country’s young men (actually, they would have been boys just like I was). Although 1969 may seem like a long time ago, what I was remembering in the ceremony felt like it happened just days before!

Goddess M’s grace allowed me to see how much the men of this planet need to be admired for what they do; how much they need to be welcomed home after their fight (even if the fight is just another day at the office, holding down a job as he tries to pay the bills).

While a man may look big, and strong, inside his powerful masculine body there is a frightened man. But that does not mean what you think it means. He is not frightened of pain or of death. No! What he is terrified of is that he will fail to protect his family when the time comes.

Men need to be loved and cared for, and for that, they need the powerful passion of a strong woman to heal their broken bodies and mend their fractured spirits.

I hope this reminds you of the power of ceremony. I hope being together at the Q made us all better lovers, better parents, better friends – better people.



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Susana says

Dear Anonymous friend,
Your story touches me deeply. We’ve been separated and identified as Men & Women – different when actually we feel the same and the communion of both makes us to be better. I embrace you at the distance.

Amy says

I have struggled personally , in my relationship with

(how much the men of this planet need to be admired for what they do; how much they need to be welcomed home after their fight (even if the fight is just another day at the office, holding down a job as he tries to pay the bills).

My spouse goes into the world each day and does his work… but so do I! For over 18 years my work day has regularly exceeded my husband’s & I ensured kids got to participate in a variety of activities, spent quality time with them & spouse, prepared healthy meals, & made time for practices to feed my own mind, body, Spirit. My life has been full for it and I’ve never felt the need to be admired , outwardly, for any of it. Afterall, I’m here to contribute… right? However, the suggestion that my husband wants to feel admired & appreciated for his contribution has come up a number of times over our 24 year relationship. I just don’t understand it…wouldn’t he get up & go out in the world & do what he does anyway (whether he knew he would be admired or not just because he is a human on earth with a purpose)? It’s just difficult for me to understand this as a need. It is a notion that has come up a number of times in my relationship so I suspect there is something for me to consider…