November 29, 2011

Healing Workshop and Clinic with Master Angela Yan

submitted by Amara Charles Back
Angela Yan

Healing Workshop and Clinic with Qigong Master Angela Yan
Phoenix Arizona
You can attend Friday Night
Where? Center for Divine Awakening
near 40th Street/Greenway
contact: Susan Oake

Healing Workshop: December 2-4, 2011
Healing Clinic Sessions: December 5-10, 2011

Angela Yan has dedicated her life for the last 30 years to healing the sick and
teaching others to heal themselves. She has been invited to give healing
clinics all over the world, yet she is selective where she chooses to travel. We
are thus extremely grateful and happy for the rare opportunity to learn from
this amazing woman in Phoenix, Arizona.

This workshop will focus on self-healing through an introduction to ancient
Buddhist Chinese healing methods. You will learn simple, yet powerful
Qigong healing practices to improve your health and well-being. You do not
need prior knowledge of Qigon
g and you will be able to practice on your own
after the workshop, In addition to learning how to harmonize your physical,
emotional and mental energies , you will experience Angela Yan’s uniquely
uplifting teachings about how to sustain health, harmony and happiness.

Angela Yan Tai Chi

‘A natural life is 120 years. This should be common. Yet, why do people die
early? They do not follow the law. They do not know how to harmonize their
natural self. You must find where your personality comes from in order to
purify and cleanse. Knowing who you are and where you come from helps
you find and follow the right path. To heal, you must understand yourself
more, regardless of your path or religion, in order to reach enlightenment.’
Angela Yan

Angela Yan Sword

The Healing Clinic
Following the workshop, you can also book personal healing sessions with
Angela Yan where you will have the opportunity to ask for personal guidance
on specific health issues. She will be helping to heal your energetic field,
locating the sources of your illness and giving you guidance on what you
must do to maintain your health.

To Book a Session with Angela:

Angela Yan Pouring Tea

Workshop: December 2-4.

Attend Introduction (Dec. 2nd) Friday Night Only:
Healing Clinic Sessions (1-3 people):

Angela Miao Fu Yan is a Qigong doctor with over 30 years experience healing patients from many types of illness ranging from cancer, to arthritis, depression, and other imbalances. In both the workshop and personal sessions, Angela will impart healing from her extensive Shao-Lin lineage training with some of the most important Asian martial artists and healers of the century.

Angela Yan was born to a family of deeply traditional Chinese cultural and artistic heritage. Her great grandmother was a legendary herbalist and healer; her father, Professor Yan Hai, was a renowned teacher and publisher who risked his life to preserve the knowledge of some of Asia’s greatest martial
artists following the Cultural Revolution.

Please view Angela’s Yan’s formal lineage to see the masters she has trained with, as well as her history of successful healing sessions with patients around the world.

Angela sees herself as a disciple of Buddha, who she views as a sacred life scientist. She aspires to become a “life engineer” to give and share her best through her “True Qi Gong Kung Fu”.

Healing Workshop and Clinic with Master Angela Yan
Phoenix, Arizona

Attend Introduction (Dec. 2nd) Friday Night Only:
Times: Friday: 7-10pm. Sat. 10:30 am-5:30pm. Sunday 9am-3pm
*If you choose to attend the workshop after attending Friday night.

Workshop Times, Details and Location will be provided upon registration

Reserve a Healing Clinic Session (1-3 people):
December 5-10
Contact Susan:

To Register by Mail: Make checks payable to Nourishing Arts.
Send Payment To: Nourishing Arts 3741 East Shangri La Road Phoenix, AZ 85028

Or Register Online:

CANCELLATION POLICY: You must notify us 10 days before the event. There is a
$100 nonrefundable fee for office expenses. Within 10 days, deposit is non-refundable.


A boy named Luke developed RSD, a chronic progressive neurological condition that affects skin, muscles, joints, and bones. He could no longer walk and
regular doctors were unable to help him. After working with Angela, his RSD completely disappeared. His pediatrician said, “I could not believe it. I have no explanation. It’s a miracle. They carried him upstairs to her office and he walked out.” He went back to school and soon was playing football and soccer.

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Lori says

I love the native Indian atdttuie that is looking for what we share and not what I owe and how I keep it.Since I started to do business, here in California, I am getting the common mine and yours approach constantly. It is extremely frustrating! Especially when you come with an open, more communal, approach. For the goddesses sake! there is enough from everything for everyone!I will keep on doing fair business and hope that my atdttuie will affect as many people as possible. Thank you for sharing this audio Always great to hear you.Aviad

Amy says

I am very happy you are here on earth to teach us. I have so much growing up to do and you have hpeled me in this journey. Coming from a family of extreme abuse, disfunction and neglect, I hadn’t given the tools to function as a somewhat normal adult. Your teaching along with others I am now on the road to healing. I bought a couple of your cd’s and am so happy you have this facebook now. Keep on doing the work that our Creator has given you to do, you are really good at it! Blessings beyond measure, Tina

Amara says

Thank you Amy. Many blessings on your jourey! May it be filled with compassion and harmony. In beauty, Amara