May 30, 2011

Getting Beyond Performance Fears

submitted by Amara Charles Back

As a man, I’ve spent a lifetime, being single and living on my own. Yet, I love sex and love women. It’s a long story, but mental psychological things kept me yearning, for what I had very little of… intimacy and contentment and love. Now in my seventies, I still attract responses from young women. But I can’t respond too much, because of physical difficulties. Its not a good situation. Those intimacies I do share mean a lot, but remind me of how it might have been! I’m wondering if there are women who would be able to live with some of my limitations?

Unapprove | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | Spam | TrashHello Michael,
Thank you for your thoughtful comment. From the way you write, I believe there are many women who would enjoy getting to know you.
In my experience, we often make things up about ourselves that have very little to do with what is actually so. The only way to really know if there are women interested in you is to explore.
Now, as you are exploring, going to new places and finding ways to actually meet women I do have a bit of advice.

Please consider that the things you put forth and project as ‘limitations’ are actually make believe. I mean no disrespect, but the truth is, you have no idea how your body and mind and emotions will respond to a real woman. Just to let you know, I have known several gentlemen who were convinced ‘things weren’t working the way they should’ Funny thing is, a big part of making that seem like a ‘real fact’ was simply because they stayed away from women because they were afraid they couldn’t perform.

So here’s the thing Michael. If you dare to be intimate and cultivate close friendships with women- without any expectations- you will likely be quite surprised how your body and your mind, not to mention your heart will respond. My advice? Take delight in any woman you can. develop friendships. stay connected to feminine energy. If you stay connected to women, and many of your fears, worries and concerns will disappear. In my view, (regardless of your sexual preferences) a man who strays too far from strong, benevolent sources of feminine energy is lost. Finding your way however is easy. Women love kind and generous men, and you Michael, sound like a man women would like to be near.

Amara Charles is a highly acclaimed sex and intimacy expert who has taught workshops internationally since 1989, helping men and women reconnect with their passion, reclaim their sexual energy and deepen their appreciation for life. Charles is the author of several books, including The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka. Published by Inner Traditions/Bear & CO., it will be available in wide release in August 2011. Charles has been a guest on BBC, ABC radio, and HBO and has spoken at numerous national and international conferences where she gives presentations about sex and intimacy for various groups, corporate clients and universities

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