June 19, 2013

Five Ways Sensuous Touch Can Build A Better Relationship

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Touch is the heart of intimacy. Depriving our selves of loving touch is one of the biggest mistakes we can make, because without connected, intimate touch stress sky rockets and the mind gets foggy. Sensuous touch may be the single most important thing you can do to sustain a loving relationship.

Here are Five Ways that Touch Can Enhance Your Relationship

Spicy Touch

Bringing variety of touch into the bedroom is not a matter of doing difficult things to please your lover. Being a better lover is much more subtle. It involves spontaneously touching in new ways. Can you touch your lovers and make your fingers move from feeling like water, earth wind and then fire? Check out Touch for Two for some great guidance on the variety of touch.

The Nine Erogenous Zones of the Love Game

Stimulating the Nine Erogenous Zones through playful, sensual touch

not only helps build trust between you and your lover, it makes the game of love intriguing and fun. Listen to this audio to get some ideas about how to arouse your lover, perfectly and playfully getting ready for love.

Love Talk

The words that come from our lips are what make our hands feel warmer. Thoughts of beauty cause sensuous words to flow from our mouths. These words not only float into our lover’s ears, they cause the whole body to open for pleasure.

Loving Ears

Being receptive means first listening to listen to your own desires. Don’t know what they are? Not to worry: you don’t have to get into your head about what you need. Everybody needs loving touch. Try this: begin with giving your lover a particularly slow and warm hug. ‘Listen’ to the way it makes you feel. Now, ‘feel into’ your partner. Can you feel his or her body melt when you give a doubly slow and endearing hug without expecting anything?

Touching Special Places

Keep in mind these three things when touching especially erotic places.

Delicacy. Tease. Deep Satisfaction. Our most erotic places on the body yearn to be wanted. Yet they only open for touch when we knock gently on the door first. With permission, these places love to be surprised and have been known to moan for more. This is when touch goes straight to the soul, for there is nothing better in life than to be touched by someone we love.

Amara Introduces the Touch of Wind, Water, Earth and Fire for her guided inspirational, instructional sensuous touch video download: Touch for Two.

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He makes your heart dance with joy. He mesmerizes you with his eyes. With him, time melts into nothingness. His touch makes you feel loved; his words soothe your heart. You think about him day and night. His words echo in your head, and you can’t help smiling to yourself. You are in love . If you have found your true love , cherish him with your heart and soul. True love is a rare jewel. You are lucky to find one. Do not waste time in self-doubt and confusion. The first phase of courtship usually lasts a few weeks, perhaps a few months. After dating him for a while, you will know whether he is right for you. You will miss him when he is not around. You will find yourself keen to be with him again. If you feel a strong attraction towards this special person, you have met Mr. Right. I have seen many a relationship failing because of too much analysis. Do not overanalyze your relationship using logic or checklists. Let your heart take the lead. While it is natural for lovers to whisper sweet nothings , it is also likely that you have had a few arguments. If you have quarreled about petty matters, do not think that your love has reached a dead-end. You will find that when you make up after a fight, you love each other even more. The man you love may not be a handsome prince who sweeps you off your feet. Your love should be your friend and confidante. You may not have a whirlwind romance with him, but if he makes you feel secure, he is the man for you. Your lover needs to know how much he means to you. Don’t hesitate to say, ” I love him .” Grab the opportunity to express your deepest feelings. Here are some love quotes for him. Win over your sweetheart with these love quotes for him .