May 1, 2014

Five Things Women Do in the Presence of an Alpha Male

submitted by Amara Charles Back

As fascinating as the topic of the Instinctive Design of Erotic Attention* was really, it’s the bronco ride of co-creating with an alpha male that lifts my skirt these days.

My recent collaboration inspires me to reflect on the five things women tend to do when we’re with an alpha male. But first, I suppose, we should ask, What are the signs you’ve got an alpha male on your hands?

He’s Unpredictable. Check. Powerfully assertive yet yielding at the right moments. Check. He’s an unabashed, indomitable and at times he’s an unstoppable leader. Yet, as strong as he appears, a superior alpha male bows gracefully to feminine intelligence whenever she shows a face wiser than his own. Double  Check.

The five things we tend to do are run, put him above us, contend, control or cultivate and then ride on the curves of his magic. Any of these options may be correct depending on the man and the time. The approaches you choose will either take you into tangled webs of disappointment or they will intensify the quality of happiness in your intimate relations with men.


Although the option of running may seem weak, if you sense an alpha male is using his seductive charms to get something you do not wish to give, running away could be an act of power.  But how many of us, intrigued by an alpha male’s charm, stay longer than we know is right?

To reflect on the reasons why, consider this: cajoling you into giving something that you actually desire, but are afraid to give can be quite alluring. An alpha male must become good at hunting for the hidden needs of a woman; predators take advantage of them.

We all have a desire to be touched, a need for love, a desire to be seen as special. In themselves, our needs may be innocent and pure, but when a woman craves these things too much she becomes susceptible to manipulation. In such a state, a woman may avoid intensity, and thus unknowingly acquires a need for it.

We’ve all met men disguised as alpha males who prey on our most urgent, and often repressed desires. An intelligent woman learns to spot the difference between a true alpha male and a predator. Here, I am defining a true alpha male as a man who uses the power of his heart to protect and uplift the women he is with as a force to benefit humanity. An alpha predator isolates and conquers his prey to better himself and he disguises his insecurities with greed disguised as care. (think Kevin Spacey in House of Cards)

An alpha woman must learn when it’s time to walk (or run) away and when it’s time to stay and play. She practices honing her instincts and she listens to them. Experience teaches her when to say ‘enough,’ how to leave and to end something whenever she wants. Her ‘Yes, I will’ becomes particularly attractive to alpha males. Such a woman’s beauty is not easily won and her power makes her worthy game.

An alpha female enjoys surrendering in the chase with a man who fights to touch her soul and protect her preciousness. It’s a pleasure running with this kind of man. Such a woman’s hesitations and reservations are but invitations; they are actually clues daring him to follow. This kind of hunt is a dance of power without aggression, in the end, it’s only two hearts multiplying beauty, both uplifted beyond what could be made manifest on their own.

The second option is to put an alpha male above you.

More to come in my forthcoming book…TBA

* With many rave reviews from over 50 folks who showed up for the pilot I.D.E.A. presentation, you can be sure Mr. Barnes and I will be creating a full immersion into the Erotic Glow. Ha! I meant to say Flow… well, isn’t it the flow that makes us glow?

In beauty

Amara Charles (c) 2014










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Samantha Cottle says

Like to hear 2nd 3rd 4th & 5th things that we do in presence of an alpha male or alpha predator?

Amara says

Thanks ! Working in it! I’ve had so many comments on this post! What you like to hear bout?

Mariana says

I wouldlike to hear the next things an alpha female does