April 17, 2010

Finding Belinda Duffy: An Awesome Web Designer

submitted by Amara Charles Back

The Making of the Amara Charles Website

The Story Behind Our Website

I will not say it was an easy process, nor that I liked every bit of creating this new site, but I will say, I am absolutely thrilled by the possibilities of what this baby can do.

The best part? Finally, women-friendly technology! I get to change my mind a hundred times a day. (I am so happy). YAY wordpress.

Choosing Belinda Duffy

Okay, choosing a web designer is not marriage, but it’s close. Finding the one to hold (or pull) your hand through the daunting downloads of information and decisions has to be done with the right kind of person.

For me and for most, making a website is an incredibly intimate affair; it dredges up your past failures and it activates every doubt, fear and insecurity you’ve got.

You get to take a deep scan over everything in your life, figure out what it is you are up to, express it to a stranger and then hope they ‘get’ you better than you get yourself. Needless to say, I went through a few ‘relationships’ before I found Belinda Duffy…

She lives in New Zealand. The first thing I did was send her a ton of my stuff, to see if she was interested. Turns out, I was quite different than her other clients.

One of our first (of thousands) of emails

“For me this sentence summed it up in your book “Orgasms are given to us for two reasons; they allow us to feel pleasure and help us to gain knowledge of who we truly are”.

I have never thought of sex as being ‘a channel’ to open up, have fun and express who I really am and feel uninhibited to do so. I always thought sexuality was simply whether you were straight, gay or lesbian… Not how you think, express and act ‘sexually’ – interesting eh?

Besides liking her artistic flair for sophisticated elegance, I loved the way she lunged into the project. She scoured over hundreds of related sites and came up with the conclusion: ‘We can do better.’

Having designed sites for relatively big corporate companies, she knew nothing about the world of Tantra or Spiritual Sexuality, and she certainly never heard of White Tigress or Quodoushka.

I thought ‘perfect’. She’s the one.

When I hired her I said. “I want you to take us into another dimension of who we are, and I am confident, somehow, you are going to come up with the way to do this so that the mystical, poetic, esoteric side is not gone and hidden”

Thus began our mutual education – mine in the wonderful world of web tech – hers in the wonderful world of spiritual sexuality. As the site launches, our relationship continues to be a fascinating, joyous friendship.

p.s. This is only the beginning. We have tons of new articles, education, videos and products just itching to get posted.

What do you think of the site?

The future of this site all depends on what you say.

Add your comments on posts. Tell me what you like and don’t and let me know what you’d love to see more of. Help us create a community of kindred spirits who see sex as something natural and good. Join the conversation today.

In beauty, Amara

Dr HH says

A gorgeous site – filled with amazing information and fantastic events, and it’s easy to navigate WOW !

amara says

Thanks George!
You have been a true friend and incredible support for this to happen. I hope you are hiking away and taking good care of yourself. Love, Amara

amara says

Thanks Shyena! Just getting started baby. You’ve been a HUGE part of making this happen!

amara says

Thanks so much for your amazing support Leela. We love you!

amara says

Thank you so much for all your support. I hope to build a really beautiful community of kindred spirits who will just scoop up the new book when it comes out.

Tim Jessup says


Its so wonderful to reconnect with old friends and discover what brilliance they have been up to.
I recall the very first steps you were taking in this direction. The transformation of it all is glorious.
I’m sure the journey getting to this point was frought with challenges, frustrations and heart aches,
but look what you have created!

I am very proud of your accomplishment Amara…and its only another beginning, to yet another,
higher level of accomplishment. The journey of creation is wonderous.

Much Love,

Tim Jessup

amara says

FROM HELEN IN CHINA!!! Helenmagdalene Heatleygilberd i just saw the branding its wild! I love it. I’ll sign up for sure. You guys gave gone glam glam, I love it!!!!!

amara says

Congratulations on your new site! It looks great!

Thanks for all you do!
Jaiya NWSE

amara says

Congratulations, Amara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Completing a website …. at least one as beautiful as yours …. is a goddess warrior union with yourself
that evolves over time until it flowers into a surprise not envisioned at the beginning.
You have provided a mirror of you to a world joyfully and desperately in search of sexual harmony, balance, and ecstasy.

My website is almost ready. The waters have broken and the creation is waiting to take its first breath in the world.

With all my respect, appreciation and love,

catherine pourreau says

Hi Amara.. I love your new website… it’s beautiful and full of great information…. I’m sure you will do very well with it. much love. Catherine

amara says

Thank you catherine! I hope that you are happy and well and up beautiful things. Love Amara

Hey, have been looking for reviews of people who know about this, and after bbrowsing the search engines, I came to your article, and it islovely write up. Too bad I took all these days getting to your site. Saved you in my bookmarks already. I shall return pretty soon. Just keep on writing your blog will get really popular.

Mead says

Yay for wordpress! I am so glad you went with it as a website building tool. This means there is quite a bit that can be done to market you into many different venues. Did you know that the smart phone market is 5x the size of computer internet users and that a simple plugin can make your site available to all those users? It will be quite fun interacting with you and your (how you say?) webmistress.

Nice post about Finding Belinda Duffy: An Awesome Web Designer | Amara Charles – Nourishing Arts of Sexual Pleasure. I am very impressed with the time and effort you have put into writing this story. I will give you a link on my social media blog. All the best!

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