June 9, 2013

Divine Interruptions

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Have you ever noticed that when accidents happen, somehow, it’s your ego that’s trying to drive the show?

You know, one of those Divine Interventions or Interruptions that don’t seem so divine at first?  The ones that come with sufficient bumps and bruises to get our attention. They always seem to show us how we’re pushing, trying too make things happen the way we want. Like during a sudden fall, when time slows and everything you thought important ceases to be.

Maybe there’s no intervention, no interruptions at all – perhaps it’s just the universe arranging things perfectly on our behalf, giving us the hint that our design is off.

One of my ‘accidental jolts’ came in the lovely Land of Kauai where, if you listen to her speak, she’ll cajole you into listening to the Divine. She’ll stagger you with joy, murmur and groan with her mighty beauty until you forget or remember where you came from.

In case this doesn’t work, she has other ways. Two days into my trip, on my way up from Secrets Beach, I flipped backwards onto some hefty boulders. I have to admit, I opted for some silly fashion that day, wearing high-pitched flip flops and a loaded purse. My body was tangled with sheer shock in the dirt, yet as I lay there tuning in, I smiled feeling the benevolence of this fall: nothing broken.

Still, I must not have been listening yet, for Kauai was just beginning to have her way with me. In another two days I took a dive again; this time the ocean whipped me onto the shore as I heard my knee torque with a loud crunch (in about a foot and a half water.) Now both sides of my body were thoroughly initiated into the wild gorgeousness of this garden paradise. Finally, I had to relax and listen.

Lumaha Kauai

It’s astonishing how quickly healing happens, and the correct things fall in place when you listen. Through ceremony, chants, Qigong (and a few extraordinary healers ), I was feeling good in days rather than weeks, and I returned to the mainland feeling better than I’ve felt in years. It seems a bit of genetic restructuring of my DNA was in order, and I believe it was just the beginning of many more magical things to come.

Amara Qigong beach

Amara, Laka, Shyena Feminine Spring Woman’s retreat Kauai

Laka Shyena and Amara kauai 2013


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Laka says

Aloha dear Sister, I am touched by your written word. Yes, Kauai works like this. Such a gem she is. May we deeply learn to listen to her profound messages. Not many do here her call nor her message. After being here for nearly two years, she her tought me many many new ways on how to navigate. My relationship to her has a deeper, fascinating, refined touch to it now…. haha… I can’t help but laugh. Yup. I few falls here and there is part of the initiation journey as you actually begin to say YES to this precious gem. Everyone does not feel the ‘pull’ to be on Kauai. Every Island is so different. And all of them are most definatly worth exploring… I surely feel your heart and your love for this place. She truly embraces you is how I see it. So glad and so delighted about JADE MOON Lodge birthing on the birthing Island Kauai. This place is a perfect place to birth any projects or creative ideas. Welcome back and HOME soon again… Just a summer and a September away…and I will pick you up from the airport again 😉 Love, always with Love, Laka

Wow Amara! Divine Interruptions indeed! What a powerful story of finding grace and beauty in such painful initiations.

Thank you for reminding us the power of surrender and the medicine of deep, deep listening and also what is possible with community healing.

Love & Blessings,

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