SQ – Spiritual Warrior Queen

Does exhaustion, sluggishness and even boredom sometimes drag you down — even though you’re surrounded by people you love?

Are your relationships constricted by leftover stress and tension? Or are you so busy you can’t summon the energy to laugh, play or really let go into pleasure?

Do you ever feel like you’re just ‘going through the motions’ of your daily obligations?

Where is that bright, vivacious boundless spirit of yours that you felt as a little girl?

How would it feel to be totally immersed, doing something fun that completely delights your spirit? Like being mesmerized by clouds, or the ocean or just running free through the trees with tons of energy…. Trust me, that little girl is alive in you; all she needs is a chance to play, to be in nature and to touch spirit.

What does this have to do with being a Spiritual Warrior? Everything! I’ve worked with thousands of women of all ages over the years, and the #1 thing I hear them say is ‘I want to drop all the performance and to get back to just being myself again.’

How will we empower our Spiritual Warrior Queen?

This particular Warrior Queen Retreat (the last one was so much fun the ladies begged us to do another) will be a one-of- a- kind chance to build our own women’s lodge together. We’re going to have a blast creating a special ceremonial space with ancient alchemy so we can lift our spirits to the heavens for years to come. We are going work hard (warriors do this ? ). We are going to share our creative skills, learn fascinating ways to build sacred spaces, we are going to bless and awaken our creations and then celebrate our victories in profoundly healing sisterhood ceremony.

Plus, we are going to have some fun honing our warrior skills! You may be with the horses, shoot archery or enjoy some of the wonderful feminine spiritual Qigong practices we love to do in our Shakti Queen Retreats.

The Spiritual Warrior Queen is a totally empowering women’s retreat for bringing your body, health and sexiness to a whole new level of graceful strength.

The Spiritual Warrior Queen is for women who want to:
  • Wake up the part of you that is dying to have more fun.
  • Feel creative, strong and vibrantly alive.
  • Profoundly raise the vibration of your home by learning step by step ways to create sacred spaces.
  • Nourish yourself in deep and joyful sisterhood ceremony so you can brighten the fire of your wisdom.
  • Get crystal clear about what YOU came here to do.
  • Come bring your Shakti and let a bit of your wildness out to PLAY.
The Spiritual Warrior Queen Retreat Features:
  • Fantastic ways to shape your new body through love in action.
  • Co-creation of a Ceremonial Woman’s Lodge
  • The Creation of Your Goddess Wheel of Power to keep you on your path with heart.
  • Shooting your Arrows of Intent with clarity and power so you have more than enough energy to do whatever you’d like to do.
  • Connecting with the Horses to heal your heart
  •  Learn amazing Shakti vitality practices to strengthen your sex drive and deepen your heart connections.

Plus, as we always do in every Shakti Queen Retreat, we will enjoy good food, good rest, and great company.

We totally welcome new sisters to join this amazing circle of women from around the world.

Food and Lodging are separate costs over and above the tuition.

Food plan is $180 for all organic meals including snacks, during the retreat

Lodging is first come first serve:

Ranging from $25 – $75/night, off-site accommodations are also available
Please contact Laurie for information and to reserve your lodging:
806.236.2660 ~ lauriestarlight@yahoo.com

Dove Creek, TX
Dates: March 31 - April 3, 2022
Facilitators: Amara Charles, Shyena Venice and Spiritual Warrior Queen Registration

About Your Facilitators

Amara Charles - Keeps the Fire

Amara Charles is a trusted and highly acclaimed sacred sexuality mentor to thousands and the best-selling author of The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka. With her experiences teaching Quodoushka workshops for over 30 years, Amara is a fiercely compassionate advocate for those who want the relationship of their dreams to come true… so that both couples and singles of all persuasions can have relationships that are filled with joy, honesty and friendship… where the ability to enjoy sexual intimacy unfolds naturally.

Shyena Venice - Soaring Golden Eagle

An expert in women’s health and wellness, Shyena facilitates workshops worldwide inspiring men and women to increase their erotic intelligence and vibrant health. As an executive entrepreneur and consultant for SYLK Natural Personal Lubricant, she shows women how to get in touch with their natural feminine prowess. She’s also a mountaineer, musician and master masseuse who shares her healing spirit everywhere she goes.

Spiritual Warrior Queen Registration