SQ – Magical Queen

What happens when the magic is missing in our daily lives?

Nothing seems very exciting. It’s a struggle to say yes to pleasure, we distract ourselves and we avoid admitting something feels off. It’s as if our mouths are covered with a dull film so we can’t ask for what we really want and we can’t stop those critical, cranky thoughts in our heads. We resist playing, we feel sluggish and there’s hardly any laughter. Most of all, even though there may be loving people around, we can’t summon the energy to fully let go, to melt, or to have fun.

When we are in touch with our magic, annoying tyrants are easily cast away and we’ve got the power to face our worst obstacles. We feel shiny and light and our friends want to be with us. We can afford to buy clothes or things for our Queendom that make us feel attractive. Our relationships feel easy, intimate, warm and sexy. When our magical mojo is humming, we’ve got the strength to make the right decisions at the right time.

Do only some women have this wonderful ‘magic’?

Absolutely not. We can all have much less tension and experience the prevailing inner peace that comes when our natural magic is alive and well, but we must learn how to push less and allow more so that we can relax, open and enjoy the gifts life offers to us. The truth is, there are specific steps we must take to live within the stream of our feminine magic. First, we must know exactly what dulls us down and keeps us stuck in pain. Then we must dare to vividly imagine our heavenly queendom and we must make up our minds to never settle for anything less.

Is this easy? No. It requires hard work and it comes from knowing that victory is assured once we know precisely how to use our feminine powers correctly.

Can we do this by ourselves?

In my opinion, it’s impossible to sustain a magical life alone. We cannot only look into the mirror of ourselves, we need others to see us, to know us and to support the very best in us.

That’s what we are offering in this special Magical Queen Retreat.


Discover the Hidden Jewels of Your Magical Queen

Using feminine fairy tales to unravel the tangled confusions we carry with the key players in our lives, we are going to delve into the archetypes of our shadow where we will discover precious gems hidden in the velvety folds of our psyche. This is where the Magical Queen resides.
This special women’s empowerment retreat features shamanic reflective ceremony, qigong health exercises, feminine spiritual practices and meditations to heal and transform your life by learning to use the tools you need to thrive in a changing world.

The Magical Queen is for women that want to:
  • Learn how to face your tyrants with power.
  • Brandish the sword of truth to cutaway dead branches of sluggish pity that no longer serves you.
  • Delve into the velvet shadows and dare to experience the magic inside yourself.
  • Discover how awakening your Shakti brings profound victory and joy into your family, finances and relationships.
  • Embody your power as a Shakti Queen.
You will learn how to:
  • Breathe life into the dull zones of your life so you can clearly see what you came here to do.
  • Identify fantasies and illusions that keep you in pain so you can open to the joy you deserve.
  • Count Coop – over those who seem to block your way so you can be who you really are.
  • Stand up with confidence to change what prevents you from feeling magically alive.
  • Bring compassion and healing light into the darkness of your shadow.
  • Strengthen your Shakti power with feminine Qigong practices.
  • Release heavy burdens that keep you from feeling lovely and divine.
  • Turn your resistance to pleasure around so you can let love in.
  • Celebrate in Sisterhood Ceremony to find your voice and strengthen your inner love.
  • Practice devotional chants and meditations that will awaken the magic your spirit.

There are no prerequisites for this retreat.


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Denton, Texas
Dates: September 24-27, 2020
Facilitators: Amara Charles, Shyena Venice and Magical Queen Registration

About Your Facilitators

Amara Charles - Keeps the Fire

Highly acclaimed sex and intimacy expert Amara Charles has facilitated Quodoushka spiritual sexuality programs around the world since 1989. Amara’s # 1 Best Selling book The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka is inspiring men and women everywhere to become more caring, creative lovers. Amara has been a guest on VH1, BBC, ABC, and HBO as well as numerous national and international relationship conferences, radio and TV shows. Her humorous, insightful and often provocative presentations inspire men and women to bring more wisdom and happiness into their intimate lives.

Shyena Venice - Soaring Golden Eagle

An expert in women’s health and wellness, Shyena facilitates workshops worldwide inspiring men and women to increase their erotic intelligence and vibrant health. As an executive entrepreneur and consultant for SYLK Natural Personal Lubricant, she shows women how to get in touch with their natural feminine prowess. She’s also a mountaineer, musician and master masseuse who shares her healing spirit everywhere she goes.

Magical Queen Registration