Quodoushka 1 Phoenix Arizona

Q1 Phoenix, AZ

Quodoushka 1 consists of transformational shamanic sexuality teachings and guided exercises to bring more care, quality, and passion into your intimate life. The Quodoushka clears away your blocks to pleasure, uplifts your understanding of sex, and gives you amazing tools to create more loving, intimate relationships. You may attend Q1 as a single or with a partner.

The address of the specific location will be provided in the Welcome Letter you will receive once you register.

If you have questions, please contact: shyena@amaracharles.com

Phoenix AZ
Dates: January 13-16, 2022
Facilitators: Amara Charles, John Kent, Kristin Viken and Quodoushka 1 AZ Registration

About Your Facilitators

Amara Charles - Keeps the Fire

Amara Charles is a trusted and highly acclaimed sacred sexuality mentor to thousands and the best-selling author of The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka. With her experiences teaching Quodoushka workshops for over 30 years, Amara is a fiercely compassionate advocate for those who want the relationship of their dreams to come true… so that both couples and singles of all persuasions can have relationships that are filled with joy, honesty and friendship… where the ability to enjoy sexual intimacy unfolds naturally.

John Kent - Spinning Coyote

John Kent is a Spiritual Warrior –committed to integrity and quality in all their forms. He leads the Shamanic De-armoring intensives and Quodoushka worldwide.

He is a hunter, martial artist and shooting instructor. As an apprentice to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path since 1996, John underwent deep spiritual sexual transformation through his training and practice with Thunder Strikes. John brings a natural, balanced masculine presence that is truly rare. His care for the people and his giving spirit enrich and nourish the programs.

To learn more about his work with Shamanic Dearmoring visit: www.shamanicdearmoring.com

Kristin Viken - Golden Ring Snake

Kristin Viken, a native of Norway, currently resides in Phoenix Arizona. With studies in Philosophy and Comparative Religion at the University of Bergen, she apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path in 1989. Kristin is an experienced, authoritative and enlivening guide and for the last 18 years, she has lead seminars and retreats all over the USA, Canada, Norway and Australia. She facilitates Shamanic De-armoring programs, Quodoushka, women’s empowerment teachings, Rites of Passage ceremonies, and yearlong programs for those dedicated to healing and awakening.

To learn more about her work with Shamanic Dearmoring visit: www.shamanicdearmoring.com

Quodoushka 1 AZ Registration