Featured Story - February 11, 2017

A Secret Invitation

A Ladies First Time | submitted by Amara Charles

Mark called me one day wanting to arrange a special birthday present for his wife Tracey. He and his wife had plenty of reason to celebrate; they loved their kids, had great health, good incomes and, best of all, a twelve-year record of keeping their sex-life quite interesting. You would never suspect Tracy was turning sixty, or that she was nearly twenty years older than her husband. Whatever it was, they had it going on and they definitely looked good. Not bad for an executive Mom with three teenage kids.

I’m sure one of the secrets of her remarkable youthfulness and beauty was because of the incredibly lovely things Mark liked to do for her and the way he treated her as if she were a royal princess he was lucky to have. He was always on the lookout for what would tantalize her fancy, and apparently, after meeting at a party, it seemed I became one of those fancies.

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