April 23, 2018

How to Enter Shamanic Realms

Listen and feel our oneness with Creation | submitted by Amara Charles Back
Shamanic Realms

Entering the shamanic realms is a stepping into the timeless harmony of infinity where we can listen and feel our oneness with Creation. When we stop the world we know another world appears. If you have ever become quiet enough to have a direct communion with a tree, a rock or a stream of water, you know that there is another language that arises when we stop the world we know. We can feel the subtle vibrations of nature, where a tree has quite a different ‘voice’ than the wind. This is the place where magical transformation happens, but not for the reasons we think.

The noise of our Western world, filled with the hum of computers, cars, phones and the like consumes our attention, and as we crowd our minds with the constant deluge of information, our whole experience of Life stays contained in the mundane realms. The voices of nature recede until we can no longer feel the spirit of the forest, we cannot listen to the wind, and most importantly we cannot hear our Natural Self.

When we open ourselves into the timeless harmony of the shamanic realms, it can seem truly magical, yet, in reality, it is not really magic, it’s just that we are not used to stripping away all of the artificial noise that surrounds us long enough to listen to a different channel. When we are able to enter shamanic realms, it’s not that forests or trees or mountains have the answers to all our problems! What happens when we stop the world and we turn off all the extra noise is we can hear the more subtle vibrations of nature. Nature is a continuous state of birth, life, death, and renewal, and when we enter into the Shamanic Realms, we can start to hear Creation directly. It’s a ‘music’ that all indigenous people have heard since always, and when we become quiet and respectful, we Westerners can hear it too.

Why Go To Sacred Sites?

Of course, we don’t really need to travel anywhere to hear these subtle frequencies, it’s just that in certain places the ‘Voices of the Before’ are amplified a thousand-fold. On one level, this is because of what was done in these places throughout time. In certain sites, where profound healings and transformations occurred for hundreds and perhaps even thousands of years, over time, the place begins to resonate with these particular frequencies. This is why in the shamanic realms, we speak of returning to the Before. Yes, the trees, the earth, the water and even the sky above these places carry these particular sacred frequencies, and if we become quiet enough we can tune in and listen.

This is the reason we go to sacred sites; our vibrations accelerate easier, and if we become quiet enough we can tune indirectly. When we go on a retreat to certain sacred sites we are immersed in the specific frequency and vibration of these places the potent concentrated energy of that site. Our logical minds let go, and we are more receptive to the subtle, often overlooked energies, vibrations, and knowing that we naturally possess. Some of these sites specifically hold the potent concentrated energy of say birthing, creating things, and manifesting things into the world. Other sites hold the frequency of letting things go or are about empowerment. So although the energies of these sites may be more potent for specific types of healing and balancing, they all have one thing in common – they can amplify, accelerate, and catalyze the change and transformations we need.

In these shamanic realms, people experience all kinds of epiphanies and cathartic releases. They experience entering one way and leaving with completely different perceptions. We think of it as a quantum leap. This, of course, isn’t scientifically sound nor does the term describe it accurately, but what it does imply is that there is an infinite number of parallel universes and they’re all coexisting at the same time in unity. Whether you’re rich in this reality, or poor – the other realities exist now. Our everyday third-dimensional left-brain reality is far too slow and dense for us to be able to step from one quantum universe to another, yet in the shamanic realms, where the veils between the worlds are thinner it is easier to shift from one to the other in an instant. This is how we gain quantum spontaneous understandings and we access abilities to heal things we can’t logically describe.

People bring all kinds of intentions to these journeys and we encourage each person to bring the thing that they’ve never been able to break or the biggest challenge of their life. Although the shamanic realms can provide healing on a variety of levels, the one thing that we witness in everyone is that they come out in a state of clarity, knowing that in any moment anything is possible. The best part is that so many people carry these indelible memories of what they experience in the shamanic realms back into their everyday lives, where indeed, anything is possible.

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