April 1, 2015

DAY NINE – 30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

submitted by Amara Charles Back

30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

Ten Days of Gentleness | With Amara Charles and The Shakti Team

DAY NINE Honesty VS Lying

Keeping quiet because you think saying anything might rock the boat is a recipe for disaster. I believe that unexpressed sexual disappointments are the reason passion gets blurry. Hiding your sexual desires leads to feeling like you have to lie. So go ahead and risk the taboo of being sexually honest, try new things and shake the boat. Yes it might be rocky at first, but the intimate passion that can come later is totally worth it. 


This is the beginning of a rather intimate subject…. 

When we can be honest with ourselves first and foremost, with source of creation it is much easier to be honest with each other and all of our relations. Honesty is gateway to deeper intimacy and a rockin’ sex life. Honesty is sexy and honesty can be an incredible turn on. We didn’t really come here to mess around now did we? So be BOLD today, and be honest with your SELF and your true experience in this moment.

Honesty Practice:

Am I thriving in my current relationship/intimate situation? If not, answer the following: I am experiencing________ name the emotions and write write write completely uncensored like nobody will ever read it.  Any emotion/feeling being expressed is better then no emotions. As you explore this, perhaps this is new for you, and your feeling like bambi on ice or perhaps you have had lots of practice. However it is for you, please be gentle with yourself as you go about exploring new territories. We are all learning and growing together. When you are complete writing. Take some deep breaths and if you are able burn the paper and let it go. Communicate what you need to stay true to yourself.

Let me know how it goes… with an open heart I receive all of your experiences. Thank You

My 6 words for Intimacy Today = Exploring is the freedom to be alive 

THis topic is inspired by the article of Sexual Taboos: Lying Vs Honesty.


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