Orbit Coaching
Discovering Possibility Together

I’ve been coaching men and women, both singles and couples for many years offering private mentoring to support people’s highest possibilities. Although I am especially fond of discussing intimate, private matters, including specific sexual questions and concerns, my Orbit Coaching sessions can and do include coaching, conversation and education on any topic.

Over the years I’ve seen how having a healthy, intimate relationship makes all the difference in life. I am passionate supporting people to resolve issues, plan creative projects and realize their dreams. My mission is to help others find peace, passion and purpose in their intimate lives so they can do what they came here to do. I not only give tools to clear away blocks to sexual happiness, I provide detailed teachings, practices, inspiration, or techniques this might include ceremony, sexual restoration practice, creative assignments, profound conversations about dreams, joint ‘talking stick’ or even spiritual practices you might benefit from – whatever I feel works best for you – to support you in enjoying the happiness you deserve.

“When I create an Orbit with someone, or with a couple, I am completely devoted to helping each person express and then go for their highest possibility. This includes coaching on creative aspirations, family healing, relationship paths, and specific sexual practices for health and wellbeing.”


How My Orbit Coaching Works

I rarely do single sessions these days because I prefer creating an Orbit of closeness, connection and commitment that lasts overtime. Currently an Orbit consists of 10 sessions spread over several months.


I can only accept a certain amount of people to create a coaching connection with. Please contact me if you are interested in finding out more.


I offer a free session to see whether we might enjoy working together. This offer is only for people I have actually met. Please email me if you’d like to arrange a short session by phone to explore possibilities.

Find Out More

Please Note: If we have not met yet, and you’d like to be on the Orbit list, please write me a letter of request. Currently, I am only able to offer a free introductory session to people I have met in person.