Shyena Venice - Soaring Golden Eagle

Shyena Venice is an Internationally acclaimed sexual wellness educator and facilitator and a graduate of the European School of Massage & Aromatherapy in London England. Shyena has over 20 years experience in the Natural Healing Arts, understands what women want and what they need to increase their sexual awareness & sexual health.

Her unique understanding coupled with her business acumen has helped her become one of the pioneers of promoting healthy sexual products for women. She is the founder of Sylk USA is a socially conscious company that contributes regularly to women`s sexual education and recovery from both HIV Aids and Cancer. Sylk USA both manufactures and distributes the only natural lubricant that actually balances a woman`s natural PH.

She shares her passion for helping women around the world increase their sexual awareness and health by embarking on a journey of a holistic lifestyle. She shares her knowledge and expertise through her live events, classes and online blog contributions. Shyena has two other passions that make everything else she does matter: she is an active adventurer who loves to travel around the world snow boarding, hiking and climbing mountains. One true love is music. She is a gifted drummer and percussionist and has performed internationally for many years.