Outline of Shakti Queen Certification Program Process and
What You Will Be Qualified to Teach

A Woman’s Way to Lead is a movement designed to teach, inspire, and empower women to live with pleasure, passion, and purpose by applying the Sacred Feminine Arts to our modern way of living.

Our Vision and Mission
  • To empower women in the Sacred Feminine Arts so they can care for themselves, their families, and communities from a place of nurturing power.
  • To teach women how to honor their natural biorhythms and reposition what
    it means to be a leader in our world today.
  • To share and educate with the powerful tools women can use to lead with less resistance and energy depletion.
  • To bring awareness of how to honor and balance our masculine and feminine energy so that we can lead with beauty and power.
  • To create a global community of powerful women who will uplift and support each other as we pursue our passion, purpose, and pleasure in the world.
  • To nourish our ultimate goal of having women in power who will incorporate these teachings into daily life and influence change for our people and our planet.
  • To form a team of influencers who will share these same desires and who will join with us to inspire a growing awareness that we, as powerful women, can change the world.
The Two Training Tracks for the AWWL Online Course
  1. Student Track: You are choosing to utilize this material for personal growth.
  2. Teacher Track: You desire to qualify to teach material from this program and/or ultimately you desire to facilitate your own Shakti Queen Retreats.

How you participate in this course is up to you. If your desire is to teach, please email womenlead@amaracharles.com and provide your full name, email address, and that your desire is to participate in the teacher track.