July 3, 2018

Can You Smell He’s Interested?

Our sense of smell plays an interesting role in our love lives | submitted by Amara Charles Back

Doesn’t it feel like that fling from the past, or the cute person you’ve been lusting after at work for months only wants to text you when you’re in a relationship? It’s almost as if others sense you now have someone who can’t keep their hands off you, and THEY want a piece too! Well, blame the pheromones because this is what’s going on.

I recently read something fascinating about the role smell plays in our love lives.

Naomi Wolf in her book, Vagina reports that “psychologist Denise Chen conducted an experiment with 20 heterosexual men by wiring them with electrodes to measure their sweat while they simultaneously worked out and watched erotic movies. Then 19 women smelled both pads that had men’s ‘aroused’ and ‘unaroused’ sweat on them, while they also had brain scans measuring their reactions. The ‘sexual sweat’ activated their right frontal cortexes – the part of the brain that recognizes emotions – but the ‘unaroused sweat’ did nothing for them.”

” If you listen to women recall or wish for a romantic interlude, most will describe the desire to embrace like actors in scenes from Gone with the Wind or any number of movies where couples squeeze together. It not only feels good, it’s because both partners get a strong whiff of each other’s scent. And we all know what it feels like to dance together breathing deeply, and it’s the reason we like cuddling and taking in each other’s scent in all night long.”

Of course, humans communicate through subconscious chemical signals – via the sense of smell, and It turns out we can indeed smell when someone’s interested.

When we are sexually active our body gives off greater quantities of marvelous chemicals called “pheromones.” Which act like an all-natural subtle sex perfume that drives people crazy for you. Funny how this works; have more sex and others want you more.

If you want to test this out, the next time you’re at a party, sneak into a closet or go out to the car for a quickie. When you come back into the party you’ll experience certain people nudging up a little closer and sniffing up the pheromones all around you.

Now, I’m all for fascinating conversations, making good sexual agreements, and all the other things we do to tell if someone’s interested. But don’t forget the way our primal attractions really work. In fact, if you’re someone who douses your self with artificial fragrances, you may want to test out the power of natural sweat. Have you ever smelled that sweet smell under your arms after a great orgasm? Keep in mind, that the healthier your mind, body and spirit is, the more arousing you’ll smell.

Quehestemehah” You Dance in My Heart

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