June 15, 2014

Calling Alpha Gentlemen: We Want You (r) Stories!

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Calling Alpha Gentlemen: We Want You (r) Stories!

So many of my readers are doing amazing things, and I love sharing inspiring stories. Now is your chance. Answer a few questions and you could be chosen as our next featured Alpha Gentleman. Your story, business, cause or project will be featured on Amara Charles.com, Amara’s Blog, and promoted by our social media platforms. Plus, one man will be chosen to attend an event of your choice with Amara Charles.*

Now, you might think your story isn’t so special. I am here to tell you are wrong. We are especially looking for heroic deeds embedded in the ordinary.

Don’t know what to write?  

No worries. Just answer the questions, and if your story is chosen by my team, we will help you write a very cool, and true story.

Why are we doing this?  

First of all because it will be fun to get to know some of you. We know there are some amazing folks who have been reading my emails for years. I’d like to see if there’s anybody ‘out there’ who may have a story worth telling…. And in my view, we all have a story or two worth telling. (We might just need some help bringing it out.)
Why is this just for men? 

Because women will be next. Perhaps you know an alpha gentleman. Why not make a cool date of creating or telling a stories together?


1. Introduce yourself and tell me your story.
How did you decide what to do to overcome a significant challenge?



2. Tell me about your Big Why.  Why did you do what you did? Who really matters to you?




3. Let’s say you could listen to what others say about you after you’ve gone. First, who would be saying it, and what would he/she (or others) be saying about you?



Thank You!

In Beauty, Amara

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