January 7, 2013

Breast Manna from Heaven

submitted by Amara Charles Back

It seems you don’t even have to have to touch somebody for sex to be good for you.

In a recent study done by the New England School of Medicine lucky researchers got to conduct a test on the effect of looking at women’s breasts. In the study, a group of men were given a live view of a woman’s breasts for 10 minutes several times a day over the course of 10 months.

Pleased to be part of this experiment, they were given blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol and tests for all other major health systems. Those who had the fortunate opportunity to gaze at breasts daily showed 16 clear improvements of vital health indicators. For the poor fellows who merely looked at clothed women, there were no noticeable signs of improvement in their health.

Now, if it’s that good just looking at breasts, I wonder how healthy it is to stroke and nibble these soft, warm gorgeous glands? Or licking and squeezing them until they exude a delicate drop of sweet dew (that the Chinese Taoists call White Snow?)

Upper Peak Medicine
This amazing nectar not only tastes delicious, it’s full of luscious chi, nutrients and highly restorative agents. Anyone who has the good fortune of discovering this marvelous liquid that flows from just below a woman’s areolas will be delighted to know that it is very, very good for you indeed. Not only is it an amazing experience to taste a woman’s White Snow, it is an extraordinary feeling for a woman to cultivate this elixir insider herself. It is different from Mother’s milk, and actually appears as a delicately fragranced clear fluid. Also called the Middle Peak Medicine, it can be made to come forth by any woman. To enhance the flow of this sweet fluid, a woman should allow a great deal of gazing at her glorious peaks as well as frequent stimulation through sucking, kissing or tender biting.

More about cultivating and restoring breast vitality is presented in Spiritual Sexuality workshops for Women)

The more the better
Interesting thing about a woman’s breasts is that few women say they have been stroked or caressed or kissed nearly enough. Many men say they love breasts, but few know how to totally arouse, tease or completely satiate woman’s pleasure to anywhere near what she is capable of experiencing. Not only considered a foreplay to get ready for the big act, truly awakening a woman’s breasts is one of the most caring, nurturing sexual acts that a man, or a woman for that matter, can do. What many women may not know is that we express our strongest energy chi through our breasts, whereas men express their strongest chi through their Lower Peak…

Personally, I like testing these things out. I was sitting in the Dallas airport before my departure in those double row connected seats contemplating the beauty of breasts, wondering what would happen if I just sat there and focused my awareness on my lovely peaks, letting them quietly project outwards like two head beams searching for the moon’s reflection. To my delight, there was a bevy of men sitting nearby. I sat there for a while focusing on the potent sweetness of the chi coming from my own breasts (which made me smile). Lets call him ‘ Tony,’ a 30ish Italian man immediately sunk in his chair a few inches and opened his knees a bit. The bald football looking guy two seats down looked up from his computer several times with the nicest smile. Joe, right across from me, a 40ish looking man engrossed in his sports magazine never once looked up from his fascinating read (oh well). And then there was a middle aged well-built hunk of a guy wearing a suit (I love suits) who sauntered over from across the aisle and sat down right next to me looking like he was dying to say hello… Every time I sneak a peak at Tony his eyes are glued to my chest.

I really loved getting on the plane, you know, helping those men have a great day. Couldn’t help taking a good look at those glorious male hot spots while I was at it.

The moral of this little story is to cherish those fabulous hanging or perky little titties as much as you can, and find out just how, and how much your lover will thank you for it.

In Beauty,

Amara Charles © 2013

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LaChella says

I absolutely am in Love with my breast. I learned something new from this article… white snow… erotic lactation… my mate & I both enjoy. Much Luv Amara

Eric says

Most people in Western culture , both male and female, consider breasts an important aspect of femininity and many women use cleavage to enhance their physical and sexual attractiveness and to enhance their sense of femininity. Some people regard use of cleavage as a form of feminine flirting or seduction , within the confines of community, peer group and personal standards of modesty , as much as for its aesthetic or erotic effect. Some people derive erotic pleasure from seeing a woman’s cleavage, some derive pleasure in their female partner exposing cleavage, and some women wear low-cut clothing for the pleasure of their partner. However, yet another group, such as those subject to gymnophobia , may feel uncomfortable with the sight of a woman’s cleavage, or object to low-cut clothing for modesty or other reasons.

Amara Charles says

Hi Eric,
I’m not sure what your point is, but I will say this:
Whatever people’s views are regarding feminine bodies, and feminine beauty, it can be used as a great healing force. Yes, we do live in a time where women are raped for showing beauty. But Beauty will not go away, and most women need to empower them selves by loving their bodies instead of feeling anything other than being beautiful for who they are, no matter what their size shape or color.

M. Lisa Forner says

Yes! Thank you Amara for promoting Breast Love, and reinforcing the importance of breast arousal for a woman’s pleasure… As a participant in the Yin Way weekly gathering, the breast massage is my favorite part. Whether it’s my lover’s momentary cupping in passing or my own moment of orb-holding, it’s a wonderful way to appreciate and connect to my feminine essence throughout the day.

Amara Charles says

Thank You Lisa,
It is a joy to do the Breast Exercises and Yin Way with you! I feel great about the love we generate in our group. May we drop a love pebble that touches many women in beauty. Thanks for your help in making this so much fun to share!
In beauty

Dear Amara,
I couldn’t agree with you more about the importance of women’s breast and worshipping them. Loving and adoring a woman’s breasts draws from her heart intense love, do that enough and her crown chakra will open so that the love of the universe flows into her heart and then her breasts. It is beyond delicious. love and light, Stuart/Shemesh/Chaya

Amara says

Hi Stuart,
yes yes yes. When a woman can absorb love through her breasts, when she can really let it in, a man can feel this, and both get to go to the moon. co Amara

Asha T'nae says


Thanks for sharing this delicious bit of information. Just reading it made my own heart rate pick up and created a tingle behind my belly button! Perhaps it’s time for a little sacred time with my own “middle peaks.” 😉

In admiration,


This woman’s in her early 20s, and her breasts started drooping after she lost a lot of weight. She also went from D-cup to B-cup.

Anonymous says

Thank you SO much for this website. I am an 18 year old female. I hated my breasts completely up until I recently found this site. I never thought anyone else had breasts like mine and I thought they were different and ugly. I got those feelings toward them from all the “perfect” breasts I had seen on TV. I am so thankful now that I know other women have breasts just like mine. It has given me so much more confidence in them. I think it is so wrong for TV and the media to completely disrespect the female body and constantly show it as a sex symbol. It is very degrading and women should not sink to that level. I have always had a very very hard time accepting my body, and it made me very depressed. It was also very hard knowing the kind of things men thought about what a woman’s breasts should look like or what her body should look like. It really made me hate men for a very long time because I never thought I was good enough. Now because of this site and my loving boyfriend I finally have confidence in my breasts.

At birth a woman’s ovaries contain up to 2 million immature eggs. After the onset of menstruation 1 egg matures every month and is released into the vagina just waiting for those millions of sperm to come fertilize it! Sperm can survive in the vagina for 3 to 5 days.

Well . . . that was a long article that ended up not telling us much. Are women with large breasts more susceptible? Small breasts? A lot of “could be’s” and “may be’s” and nothing terribly helpful here.

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