May 28, 2013

Bodichitta Fashionista – Chez Chanterelle

submitted by Amara Charles Back

One on my favorite parts of our retreat was the Bodichitta Fashionista – a spontaneous fashion show that had all the women trying and buying dresses galore in a tizzy of pleasure as we marveled at one another wearing the fantastic dresses by Chanterelle.

The remarkable thing? Her  hand-made dresses are like pouring warm chocolate on your body; you never want to take them off. AND the same dresses look fantastic on totally different sizes and shapes of women. Really. Look at her website: www.

Chanterelle’s story is as bold and brave as her dresses. She says, ‘When I was seven, my family gave me my first sewing machine. We were living under a big tarp at the time…just beginning to create what is now our artistic home and garden sanctuary. My worktable was set directly on the earth. I learned to sew while the island breezes caressed me and the beautiful blue ocean and lush green mountains fed my soul. ‘

Amara wearing Chantelle

the lace and lovliness.

Oh, there is more though

Not only is her clothing bathed in beauty from the start, she’s quite the savvy, successful entrepreneur – at 21, I’d say, miss Chanterelle is a radiant embodiment of feminine intelligence. She’s as deep as Debussy (one of her favorites), she’s as earthy and pure as the herb soaked water her family drinks, and as lyrical as the poets and muscians flowing through their home. Her demeanor? She has the fragrance and gait of a fawn, but it’s her smile. It’s her voice that dares you to leave her presence unenchanted. Yes, when you meet her, all this happens before you can even try on a dress.

Her Mother works as her assistant, her brother created the inlaid woodwork and the family together built their home (which pictures cannot begin to show the elegance of).

I warn you though, if you’re considering a dress by Chanterelle, you’ll probably feel like ignoring the rest of your entire wardrobe.

I’m thinking of commissioning a line for our workshops. Whatcha think Goddesses?

Artist Sanctuary: Chanterelle’s Home

p.s. The Family also built their home (her brother and father does the wood inlays floors and furniture. Im not sure but I’ll bet her father had a hand in her website.

Good dreaming Chanterelle, you are already an inspiration for many.

In beauty,



* Bodichitta means the”enlightenment-mind”, which is the mind that strives toward awakening and compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings.

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