December 6, 2017

Releasing her blocks to sexual pleasure

submitted by Amara Charles Back

For a woman to have ecstasy she needs to be free from past tensions. To be receptive and open for sexual pleasure, she must clear negative energy stored in her body and deeply relax. She needs to let go of the negative emotions she accumulates and stores in her reproductive organs, including the ovaries, and the entire vaginal region. Taoists liken a woman’s reproductive center to a stove because, without an active, warming stove, the circulation of her blood and hormones cannot move through her body efficiently.

Without happiness in sex, we cannot release and express our natural orgasmic feelings. Instead, they stay caught inside our bodies. Much of this energy is stored away in both her physical organs and her heart center. A woman’s heart sees, hears, and pulses when she feels sensations of connected love.

The reason a woman often deflects pleasure and is closed off to even greater sexual pleasure is that she wants to shield her heart from more pain. Energetically, sensations in a woman’s vagina are directly connected to feelings in her heart. She can have sex, but if she has experienced frequent disconnection or pain during sex, she tries to protect herself; she closes her heart during sex. Through time, the negative memories that remain stored in the vaginal region build up, and long to be released. If she does not express and release through orgasm, the energy continues to build up around her heart.

To release past accumulation of tension a woman needs tender care and affection. Heart-centered lovemaking is what opens a woman to be able to receive pleasure.



Since women are designed to give birth, our reproductive organs are especially sensitive to negative frequencies both energetically and physically whether or not we choose to birth a physical child. Taoists call this complex network the Ovarian Palace. It includes the fallopian tubes, vaginal tunnel, ovaries, all the internal and external erotic zones, as well as the entire network of nerves that deliver blood and hormones throughout the body.

The Ovarian Palace is the space in a woman’s body where life is created, and regenerated. It’s the place where all life must be nourished until it is strong enough to survive on its own. This is why it is vitally important for women to care for their womb and vagina. Equally as important, is that her lovers be sensitive and passionately loving with her regeneration center.

Just as there is a region where negative energy collects, it is the same place where pleasure is stored. With love and tenderness, we can learn exquisite ways to release tension from our reproductive organs, and there are beautiful ways to replace pain with pleasure.

This is why we teach sexual restoration practices in Shakti Queen; where a woman can learn the Jade Egg and Shakti Queen Yin Way Breast Exercises and specific exercises for the Ovarian Palace. Through these practices, she can begin to renew and restore loving tenderness with her own body first. We share both solo and dual sexual practices in Quodoushka so that partners can come together in loving ways to awaken new sensations and heal wounds that have accumulated from past experiences.

Our bodies, our minds, and our spirits are joyfully refreshed when we realize how important our tender, loving approaches to sex can be. Emotional wounds, past painful hurts, and transgressions can be healed every time we express our sexual feelings in loving ways. The Ovarian Palace is a miraculous, fragile and supremely powerful place that both men and women should treat with reverence and respect for life.

Understanding the preciousness of a woman’s body, and learning how to gradually warm her heart and her vagina during sex helps us understand why we say in Quodoushka, that all things are born of Woman and must be sparked with love from Man. This is one of the Sacred Laws we must learn to hold dear every time we make love.


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