May 3, 2016

Aroma Oils for Sensual Living

submitted by shyena Back

I Love  essential oils , and use  them  for almost everything!  from headaches to indigestion  to Jet lag!   When I heard  that you could use oils to increase your libido I was really Interested!  What i learned was  sensation helped me feel more sexy  and  guys really love flowery scents on a women ( Like Lavender)   We as women we  love the Musky  scent of a Man, I started to look for oils  for Men as well.

So I started to experiment on my  next Date. We  met for a meal  and i wore  Lavender and some  citrus oils.    He  was very attentive and  flirting all thru  dinner. I decided to offer him a massage back at my place after  dinner. I used Sandalwood on him that really  turned me On!  You can guess how  the rest of the night turned out! If  you would like to learn  more about  these oils  and how to use them.  Click here to buy from my personal site, also here is my  Number 608036  if you want to order the best  therapeutic grade A oils you can buy.


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