April 23, 2016

Are you living a Dharma Relationship?

submitted by Amara Charles Back

You know you are living in Dharma Relationship if you:

Can find something to smile about even in the most disastrous situations, forget about things that are simply none of your business and get on with things that are. You can get angry, sad, mad and even rage – but it blows over fast, and you keep finding that darkness inside and chopping it into little pieces. You make love as a solace, a source of sublime deliverance. You strive to know the other as best you can, yet take pleasure in never quite making it. You constantly know life is a rather brief adventure, and that it matters who you serve; your self or all humanity.

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Geoff says

But yes: thank you, that was insightful and sincere. A useful reminder of what personal growth can be like.

Danica says

Thank you for putting a word to it for me… Last night I felt as if I was making love with the person I am deeply, deeply intertwined with, but we were just sharing soft, gentle kisses. Just, kisses. I haven’t ever felt like that, not even as a child. I’ve been with this individual for a year, and I never expected this emotion to come about after such a long time. I suppose I never realized how beautiful relationships can be when they grow. Thank you, whomever you may be, for this website and for your wise words. I’ll be revisiting often.