July 31, 2011

Are You a Pit Bull Man or An Antelope Woman?

submitted by Amara Charles Back


Sex Types: Do We Fit?

Do We Fit?



I Rocked the House @ Ignite Phoenix Afterhours with: Find Your Sex Type from my new book : ‘The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka.’

Anything goes at the Axis Club with Ignite…. Best Part: after the show  everyone wanted to know their Sex Type. Some rather Interesting conversations… I’m talking to men asking their ladies to confirm the length and thickness of their members. To total strangers! And they were loving it!

One woman, when I say she’s a Fox Woman and that her bf is Deer Man (after a bit of description) she asks,  ‘Does a Fox ‘fit’ with a ‘Deer?’

I saw them later sauntering away to their car, looking like the night was going to be good… Oh Boy, the book isn’t even out yet (soon… soon!) and wow, this is already a blast.

The Gift of Orgasm

Ignite Phoenix is awesome.

You get 5 Minutes, 20 Slides and they say: ‘Enlighten us, but make it fast.’

What a rush it is to get up there. I’m gonna do that again. In fact, they’re taking submissions now for the next one in October and I hear they have  Ignites in different cities all over.

Laura Orsini, my publicist tells me that the bar tenders stopped pouring to find out what a’ Buffalo Woman‘ is during my slide show.

And Shyena told me there was a gasp from the ladies when I put up the 9 Pussy Types slide… I didn’t mean to create a gasp tho… you see, I find these pics utterly beautiful, but I guess I’m used to them…

Bringing down the House with Beauty

The other thing I loved: This is NOT my usual audience. I mean, these people (and a lot of them were in their 20’s tweeting away) maybe have heard of the word ‘Tantra’ but have NO idea what it is. So I LOVE to bring the Quodoushka teachings to people who have never heard anyone say: ‘Your Sexuality if Sacred, Healthy and Good.’

So, lets drop all the guilt, blame and shame around sex, and enjoy it for the gift it is.