May 18, 2013

You Tube bans My Video Poem, Beautiful Breasts

submitted by Amara Charles Back

You Tube pulled my video poem, and suspended my account. (my account has been reinstated)

There is nothing pornographic about this video. It is dedicated intended to educate and empower women. Yes, it astonishes me that showing a man being shoved in front of a train is okay to view, but a beautiful portrayal of women’s breasts on video is fine. (sculptures are okay).

What do you think?


Beautiful Breasts from Amara Charles on Vimeo.

Beautiful Breasts from Amara Charles on Vimeo.

Amara Charles presents a video poem inspiring women to love their beautiful breasts.

Amara Charles presents a video poem inspiring women to love their beautiful breasts. An inspirational video, this is the introduction to her new release of the Yin Way Breast Exercises for sexual restoration. By practicing this self love, self massage exercise, women can love them selves and love their breasts. The full exercise is available @

The full YIN WAY BREAST EXERCISE, follow along self massage practice filmed in Kauai, is now available in my shop.


Yin Way Breast Exercise

Yin Way Breast Exercise. Now available.

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Nikki says

Gorgeous. This video does not promote blatant sexual activity; rather, it emphasizes a beautiful way to care for a feminine body. Shame on YouTube for judging such a video so quickly. With almost 5,000 hits in a week, it appears there exists plenty of need for such an exercise.

Amara says

Thank You Nikki. I am looking into how I can fight this and get my art back on You Tube. Thanks for your support!

I have benefitted Personally from these Breast excersises, It makes no sense why utube has labeled this video as pornographic its Beautiful and restorative!! this video will help hundreds even thousands of Women..

Amara says

Thanks Shyena for your support. I will fight this and try to get this back up for people to see. I say it’s art, poetry, education and NOT porn.
Thank You!

Amara says

Lynnette Staffeld commented on your clip Yin Way Breast Exercises- by Amara Charles:

“ This is a deeply intimate and very special practice. Thrilled to have the pleasure of meeting this practice that I will be engaging in. A subtle powerful internal tool once set with intention it is certain to begin a whole new Springtime within.

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