August 21, 2012

Anton and the Wanton Lusty Lover

submitted by Amara Charles Back

I separated from my husband in 2005 after 10 years of marriage.   My experience in sexuality was very limited and in fact I still approached sexual encounters like a 17 year old.   The world of men was daunting and yet I had a strong desire to discover myself as a sexual being.   I was fortunate enough to attend a Quodoshka course a few months after the separation.     Part of the course was to experience different “lovers masks” through dressing up in various clothes.  An example of a lovers mask would be “shy/curious” or “the Goddess” or “the lusty woman”.    I loved this aspect of the course because I have a passion for clothes and the way I feel in them so naturally I was keen to play with clothes again when I returned home.

Not long after the course I met a wonderful man who lived in a nearby town called Anton.    He had had a number of short term relationships and was very confident with women.  He greatly enjoyed me exploring my sexuality and embraced any play with me that I wanted to undertake.

It was a Friday and Anton was coming to town to see me.   I woke in that morning anticipating our love making and feeling totally delicious.   Then I got the idea to play a lovers mask with him.    I wanted to be the wanton lusty woman so I decided to wear a a green dress like I have never worn before in my life.

I couldn’t believe what happened.

Anton:  “Is there something you would like to do tonight?”

Me:   “ms. Gorgeous desires to be taken out”

Anton:  “Oh that sounds good”

Me:  “Dress is very classy and requires the appropriate place with fine wine”

Anton:  “That can be arranged”

Me:  “I’ll be ready for you with just the dress and shoes on”

Anton:  “Just the dress – nothing else?”

Me:  “Wait and see”…

We were both running on hot now and the day seemed to take forever to pass by.   I was filled with the feeling of both arousal and anxiety as I had never gone out without underwear before.   What made it feel safe was that it was made of thick material and although it flattered my figure it was not so tight that one would know what was underneath.

I dressed for the evening and Anton picked me up.   It was such a rush to see him.  Walking around town I was terrified that I would fall over and expose myself.  However that did not happen.   We wined and dined and chatted, me still feeling deliciously excited.  However something began to irk me.   Anton wasn’t paying quite his usual attention to me – something I expected bearing my attire.   If he was turned on usually he would give me a slightly different attention and I could not sense this happening.   My exuberance was slightly dampened.

When we got to his place he started paying attention to the dress and wanted to take it off.   As he did he was most surprised to find me naked underneath.   I was starting to feel upset; he had completely forgotten my text.  We did make love but I felt disappointed that I was the only one playing the game.  My expectation had taken the edge of being with him.  I had worn the dress for him and not for me.

A few months later I was visiting Anton for a summer holiday.  We had had a lazy day and he said he had to do a little bit of work.   I had brought a sexy black negligee with me and decided to have some fun.  It was a warm afternoon and I knew that Anton likes to make love at that time of day.   I laid a rug down on the floor of his lounge, chilled wine and made some food to eat.   As I was doing this I could just feel the excitement building in my body.   I had a shower, applied perfume to my body and dressed in a g-string and negligee.    This was a completely new experience for me,  had never even owned a negligee before.   Eventually he came back up to the house and he caught a glimse of me.   Red with shyness I suggested he go have a shower and come into the lounge.    He soon appeared in the lounge and saw how I had set everything up.  “Oh a playpen” he said clapping his hands with delight.  This totally thrilled me as he embraced the idea of an afternoon of pleasure.   Pouring him a wine I proceeded to lay down a couple of feet away from him.   Just far enough away where he could see my body through the clothing but not touch it.   Tantilising him, leaning forward so he could see part of my breasts from time to time.   His looking at me was incredibly exciting, I knew he just wanted to rip my flimsy clothing off.   Every now and then I’d move towards him and sit on his lap pressing into his groin, kissing him passionately, and then I’d move away again.   The temperature was rising.  In the end he took my foot and placed it in his groin, saying how exciting this was for him.   This teasing when on for quite a time, between glassing of wine, food, laughing and joking.  I loved looking at him and experiencing his desire for me. I felt full of powerful hot energy.  Gradually the passionate kisses grew longer and clothes started coming off.   He caressed my body and I was tingling with delight and aching for more.  All of a sudden we were full on love making on his floor.  What a delightful afternoon it was.


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