December 10, 2013

Announcing a New Workshop with Amara Charles and Steven Barnes

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Premier 1 Day Workshop with Amara Charles & Steven Barnes for Singles and Couples March 8. Phoenix
New Date: March 7 th & *th, Phoenix

The IDEA of increasing your prowess (sexiness in motion) is a matter of learning to become an instinctively healthy, sexy human animal. When your body, mind and heart are all singing the same song, intuitive action becomes the rule of your life.

Singles and Couples Register Here

Cost: $99

NEW DATE: MARCH 8. NE Phoenix (Address Provided upon Registration)



Steven Barnes:

the “Secret Formula”
is a luck magnet.   I’m telling you,
when you have clear goals, believe
you can and should do it, are taking
constant action (and of course
noticing your results and making
micro-adjustments, while committing
to constant improvement) and
living every day with an “attitude
of gratitude” you attract allies like
crazy.  And most strangely, “luck”
multiplies.  Opportunities come to
you with the predictability of American
Express and Visa offers arriving in
the mail if you raise your credit score.
When you don’t need money, people
offer you credit.  When you don’t
have a job, you can’t get a job, but
as soon as you have one other
people offer employment.  When
you don’t have a relationship you
can’t get one, but as soon as you
have one people mysteriously start
showing interest.

1 Day Workshop with Amara Charles & Steven Barnes

But really,  this will not be a mere discussion of concepts to stir your passion… each IDEA is a body experience designed to help you experience the instinctive design of your erotic intelligence.The idea of course is to increase your body intelligence so you can draw on your intuition any time you need it.

We want to spend the day with you sharing how you can express your erotic intelligence effectively and successfully. (and with a lot of fun)

We all have the desire to express love, and we all have innate erotic vitality. But some of us get stuck, and we can’t express our love and passion the way we’d like to. So Steve and I are going to unveil the core principles of how to consistently turn on your vital, instinctive energy and how to get past the blocks until intuitive action becomes the rule of your life.

You will learn the 5 Principles of Increasing Erotic Intuition

1) Identifying the “gaps” in your energy flow, your strengths and weaknesses. Emotional, mental, physical? Wherever they are, you’d better know.

2) Know your energy level. You will attract those on your energy level-and below. And you are attracted to those on your energy level-and above. Understanding your energy is critical to identifying those who will be naturally and healthfully attracted to you…and knowing when to INCREASE your energy if those drawn into your circle are not to your liking.

3) Learning how to Increase your energy level. This is a matter of physical, mental, and emotional practices designed to “align” you with both your animal and spiritual natures…creating an adult, aware human being.

4) Sophisticating your energy. Learning to be responsive to the moods and motions of your partners, and your own subtle rhythms. Using energy to break negative habits and implant positive ones. Removing fear from your life, so that you can speak your truth to the world-the doorway to enhanced intuition.

5) Constant momentum. Life is lived on the edge of self-discovery. When you are learning and changing and growing, you positively radiate positive energy, attracting a higher level of lovers, friends and allies. How to breathe so that every motion throughout every day reinforces your deepest values and commitments.

I.D.E.A Instinctive Design of Erotic Attention

1 Day Workshop with Amara Charles & Steven Barnes

Snacks Provided. There will be a Dinner Break.

January 18. 12:00-10pm. Phoenix

Amara Charles and Steven Barnes

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