February 14, 2014

Announcing a New Scholarship Program from Nourishing Arts

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Help Sponsor someone to attend any Quodoushka 1 presented by Amara Charles – Nourishing Arts

I am creating a Q Scholarship Program asking students to match donations given to them.

Here is How It Works

  • potential student may apply to amara@amaracharles.com for the program
  • Amara Charles- Nourishing Arts will receive payments for the Q Scholarship Program
  • When you purchase;100% of your donation will make it possible for a student to attend.
  • Amara Charles- Nourishing Arts will put the money you donate to The Q Scholarship Program in a special fund.
  • I will tell the student; ‘you have (say) $350 towards your registration for the upcoming Q’
  • I will then ask the student to do their own ‘fundraising’ to match this amount.
  • Nourishing Arts will match whatever we can based on the funds I raise in the Q Scholarship Program.
  • Note: The student may receive up to %80 of the program fees including tuition,travel,lodging costs for the Quodoushka 1 Program.

DONATE $100 to a worthy student who wishes to attend one of my Quodoushka’s

DONATE $500 to a worthy student who wishes to attend one of my Quodoushka’s

Note: This is a Trial Offer.

I will choose someone who really wants to come, yet who who cannot afford the cost. I will choose someone who I feel will truly benefit greatly by coming to the Quodoushka 1.

Thank You!

Please Note:

Donors may keep your identity private.


Donors may receive a letter from the student after they have attended the Quodoushka.

Please email amara@amaracharles.com if you’d like your identity kept private.

If you do not contact me, I will put you in touch via email with the student you sponsored.

Thank You for your generosity!

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